Nicolas Cage Helps Family In Search Of Missing Ohio Teen

Actor Nicolas Cage took time out of his busy filming schedule on Wednesday to help a desperate stepfather spread the word about his missing teenage daughter.

Fox 8 Cleveland reports that Cage, who is currently in Lorain County, Ohio, filming the upcoming film, Dog Eat Dog, was approached by Bret Ramsey, the stepfather of a missing 15-year-old teen, after Ramsey managed to get past security and make his way to Cage. He asked the actor to pose for a photo while holding a flyer about the missing girl, Alexis Boroviak.

Cage happily obliged and stood next to the worried stepdad while holding a flyer of the missing teen. Donning a pair of sunglasses while wearing a dark green sweater and black pants, Cage looked serious and worried himself as he posed for a photo taken by community activist Angel Arroyo. According to Arroyo, Cage was nice, caring, and wished Ramsey the best of luck in finding his stepdaughter.

“We took the picture, he said he hopes for the best and good luck. He was truly a nice guy, nothing major. Just trying to do whatever we can to get her story out there.”

NBC Cleveland reports that Alexis was last seen near State Road and Searsdale Avenue in Cleveland, but authorities also received word she was seen in Lorain County. She was wearing a black hoodie, grey Nike shoes, and pajama pants the night she went missing, shortly after she went outside with the family’s rescue dog, Riley. She weighs around 156 pounds, stands 5’3″ tall, and has brown eyes and brownish-blonde hair. The photo on the flyer shows the teen wearing glasses.

Alexis, also referred to as Lexi, went missing 11 days ago. Since then, her family has welcomed numerous supporters and well-wishers into their Brooklyn, Ohio, home, including Michelle Knight, one of the three people held captive for over 10 years by convicted kidnapper Ariel Castro. Felix DeJesus also came over to support the family, the father of Gina DeJesus, another woman kidnapped by Castro.

After Ramsey learned that DeJesus joined the search for his stepdaughter, he realized just how serious and real the situation is.

“When Felix walked in the door, I thought, ‘This is real. This is happening. I’m in this group now.’ “

Ramsey also indicated that the day Alexis went missing, nothing seemed amiss until she was gone. The teen took the family dog outside at around 7:30 p.m. and simply disappeared without a trace.

Yet, Brooklyn authorities announced on Monday that Alexis may have left on her own accord, based on “several pieces of credible information,” including telling friends and family she planned to run away. Brooklyn Police Chief Scott Mielke stated that so far, there is no information as to where the teen went to.

“At this time, while her location is yet unknown, several pieces of credible information suggests that Alexis had made plans to run away. She had clearly informed friends and extended family members of her intention, but did not offer any solid information as to her intended destination.”

Despite her intentions to run away, Alexis is still a minor and under Ohio state law, it’s illegal to assist or harbor a teenage runaway. Since there is a chance that “Lexi” may be reading or watching the news, Ramsey wants her to know that she is loved and wanted back at home.

“I just want Lexi to know we love her and want her home. We’re not going to stop looking for her.”

Anyone with any information on Alexis Boroviak is urged to contact the Brooklyn Police Department at 216-749-1234.

[Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images]