‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Confronts Helena, Sam And Liz Battle, Hayden Questions, And Kiki Faces Big Decisions

There are big moments coming on Thursday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers share that Hayden will make an interesting move to try to find out who shot her while Sam and Elizabeth are anxious to find Jason. Just what can viewers expect from the November 19 show?

As She Knows Soaps details, Hayden will decide to head to Pentonville to visit someone. She has her memories back about what happened prior to her shooting, but she has yet to uncover just who shot her. When and if she finally uncovers that Nikolas engineered it all, things will get quite interesting.


Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Hayden will seek out Shawn at Pentonville to push him for answers. As viewers know, however, Shawn isn’t necessarily the one who will be able to tell Hayden what she wants. Will she learn anything helpful in this visit?

Also ahead on the November 19 show, Elizabeth and Sam are heading off to try to catch up with Jason. They may be on a flight together to Cassadine Island, but that doesn’t mean they are happily working together. Tension is in the air, and things get dramatic in Thursday’s episode between them.

Jason is a step ahead of Liz and Sam, and General Hospital spoilers share that he will be at the Cassadine estate on Thursday’s episode. He will make his way inside, but will he find Helena?

Morgan has been led to believe that Helena is essentially out of commission, but GH fans know that probably isn’t exactly accurate. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jason will find Helena, and it seems Sam and Liz will be right alongside him. While Helena surely won’t reveal much yet, fans can be sure this will be a tense and dramatic encounter.


Viewers will also see some action with Franco, Kiki, and Morgan. Franco has been arrested for the accident involving Carly, but it was Kiki who was really driving the car. General Hospital spoilers detail that Morgan will tell Kiki about Franco’s arrest. Will she piece things together and rush off to admit she was the one behind the wheel? It seems the answer to this one is no.

General Hospital spoilers from the “Official Morgan Corinthos” Facebook page tease that Morgan will have a proposition for Kiki, and it seems it involves leaving Port Charles together. While fans will have to tune in and see just what he has in mind, it sounds as if both Morgan and Kiki will be pretty unstable this week.

With all of the other action playing out throughout Port Charles, the storyline about Morgan’s mental health had quieted down a bit lately. From the sounds of things, however, it is now ramping back up. General Hospital spoilers note that Carly will be worrying about Morgan during Thursday’s show, and on Friday, he seemingly has a big reaction to something that could shake things up.


Nina will be quite shaken by Franco’s arrest, and she will be confident that Franco had nothing to do with the accident. Franco may piece it all together and be willing to take the blame to spare Kiki, but will Nina keep her mouth shut and let him?

Just what will Helena say when Jason confronts her? What will Patrick do in the wake of Sam taking off to search for Jason? Will Hayden realize that Nikolas was behind her shooting? There is plenty more chaos on the way as these big storylines continue to play out on General Hospital.

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