Paris Attack Footage: Jihadi’s Gun Jams As He Tries To Shoot Woman In The Head At Point-Blank Range

Disturbingly graphic surveillance footage has emerged showing Friday’s jihadi terrorist attack at a restaurant located in Paris’s upscale 11th district. It shows the moment that a jihadi, armed with an AK-47 rifle, approaches the restaurant and opens fire outside, spraying diners in the outdoor section with bullets. He holds a gun to a cowering woman’s head and tries to shoot her at point-blank range. But the woman escapes with her life after the gun jams.

The footage, taken by three cameras from inside the restaurant, also shows bullets ripping into the restaurant from outside, startling the barman and waitress standing behind the counter.

The barman, identified as Samir, and the waitress, Jasmine, according to the Daily Mail, duck and crouch behind the counter as the firing continues. The next moment, diners who had been chatting happily outside while eating come diving into the restaurant seeking cover under tables and behind counters.

The first outdoor diner — identified as Lucille — runs inside the restaurant, clutching a wounded wrist. As she enters, barman Samir takes advantage of an apparent lull in the shooting and flees down a flight of stairs that leads to the cellar, leaving Jasmine, who continues to crouch behind the counter.

Meanwhile, Lucille joins Jasmine behind the bar, followed closely by a man she had been dining with. The man dives wildly into the restaurant pursued by a hail of bullets.

A remarkable gesture from Jasmine unfolds. Despite her life being in danger, Jasmine tries to comfort wounded Lucille.

A woman who had been dining inside the restaurant by the door is seen cowering in fear.

The man who followed Lucille into the restaurant from outside runs across the room and disappears up a flight of stairs.

Meanwhile, the attacker can be seen prowling outside looking for victims to shoot.

At about 0:33 seconds into the footage, the armed man approaches the restaurant door. It appeared for a moment that he was going to enter the restaurant and seek out people to shoot. But he stops by the entrance, raises his gun, and aims it at point-blank range at the head of a woman cowering under a table by the door outside.

But his weapon jams as he tries to fire it. He abandons the attempt to shoot the woman in cold blood and walks away. It appears that a colleague called him at the moment his gun jammed. He walks away and climbs into a getaway car that drives away.

The incredibly lucky woman then rises to her feet and, seeing that the assailant has gone, runs to safety, followed by another person who had been cowering under the table beside her.

Meanwhile, inside the restaurant, 20-year-old waitress Jasmine continues to demonstrate she is a woman of steel and heroic compassion.

The Daily Mail reveals that Jasmine is a 20-year-old Paris-born student whose parents are from Morocco and Algeria — of similar ethnic origin as the men firing on her and diners from outside.

Despite being in danger herself, her main concern was comforting wounded Lucille, who she holds comfortingly.

Calm and composed, she crawls to the side of the counter and looks out to see whether it is safe to come out of hiding. Uncertain of her judgment, she retreats and holds Lucille once again protectively.

Then slowly, she rises on her knees and peeps over the bar. Satisfied that it is safe to make a move, she urges Lucille to rise and run down the stairs to the cellar and follows her.

Several seconds pass in silence.

Then a man, identified as Quentin, who had been dining with Lucille, also demonstrates exceptional bravery. Despite the fact that it was not yet clear that it was safe to move about, Quentin returns to the scene of the shooting. He enters the restaurant and walks calmly and purposefully behind the counter, apparently looking for Lucille. Then he disappears down the stairs leading to the cellar and returns with Samir.

Lucille and Jasmine are apparently still in the cellar. Lucille had probably called Quentin on her phone and told him she was down in the restaurant cellar.

Quentin also goes up the flight of stairs to find his second companion, who had run upstairs after diving into the restaurant after Lucille. Other customers who had been cowering behind chairs and tables begin emerging as Samir makes a call on his phone.

The gunman in the footage is believed to 26-year-old Belgian-born Salah Abdeslam.

Fortunately, none of the diners or staff inside the restaurant died in the attack. But five people outside the cafe were killed, including a man who had reportedly come only to collect his pizza.

Eight people caught in the fire outside were seriously wounded and two suffered minor injuries.

The surveillance footage reveals the extraordinary bravery of the victims, but it also reveals the cold-bloodedness of the jihadi gunmen. The woman who had the gun held to her head would have been shot in cold blood had the gun not misfired.

The footage emerges after French police were involved in a shootout at a safe house in Saint-Denis in which Abdelhamid Abaaoud, alleged mastermind of the deadly attack, is believed to have been killed.

[Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images]