‘Below Deck’ Ben Robinson Talks Current Relationship With Kate Chastain

Ever since Ben Robinson rejoined the Eros yacht crew to replace the fired chef Leon Walker, there was some awkward tension between him and Kate Chastain due to their past history with one another. The Below Deck season 3 finale episode showed Ben and Kate, on their final morning together on Eros, both admitting that they’re not right for one another but aren’t ready to completely walk away from what they do have. So since filming ended, did they decide to give a romantic relationship with one another a try or did they just forget about one another?

A blog post posted after the season 3 finale episode aired on Tuesday night provided an update on what some of the cast members have been up to since filming ended.

In response to the question of which crew members she’s still in touch with, Kate specifically named Captain Lee Rosbach, Amy Johnson, and Connie Arias. Kate made no mention of Ben but she did say that she basically still talks to everyone except for Raquel “Rocky” Dakota, Leon Walker, and Dane the deckhand.

“I basically still talk to everyone from Eros except for Rocky, Leon, and Dane.”

Ben’s response to the same question makes clear that he and Kate are still in contact with one another but just as friends. Ben added that he’s still in touch with Amy, Captain Lee, Eddie Lucas, and Emile Kotze.

“I am always in touch with Kate Chastain, she is a great friend of mine. Eddie, Amy, and Captain Lee too. Emile actually crashed at my pad for a little bit after the filming, he’s hysterical!”

Ben Robinson and Kate Chastain have a sexual history with one another, which viewers saw play out on the show’s second season. In one scene from episode 11, Amy Johnson tells Kate that ever since Ben returned, she has a bit of a glow to her. Kate says that she of course prefers Ben being on the yacht to Leon, whom she clashed with since day one. She then, with a smile, hints that she hasn’t seen him since the last time they had sex. “Oh!” Amy responds with a smile. Kate compares what she has with Ben to cheesecake.

“Ben and I are like cheesecake. It’s really decadent, it’s delicious. You can’t eat it every day. We have a line now. Like the lines got very blurry. It’s been two months, three months, and that’s the line.”

In the galley, Ben tells Rocky that he and Kate “hooked up a few times.” When Rocky asks Ben why he and Kate aren’t in a relationship with one another, he explains that they’re too similar. Ben explains that he doesn’t think that he and Kate will compliment one another in a long-term relationship.

In his blog post recapping his return to the yacht, Ben hinted that his frequent arguments with Kate, which once included them arguing with one another on when to bring out the food for the yacht guests, is due to sexual tension.

“Actually, the chief stew and chef will always butt heads, no matter what past circumstances there have been. Kate has the trickiest job in dealing with crew, and I have the biggest work load. It makes for a stressful environment, not to be confused with sexual tension..”

Perhaps Ben and Kate will have more sexual tension on season 4 of Below Deck? In an exclusive clip posted on BravoTV.com after the season finale, the cast members gave their final thoughts on the season. Ben said that he would like to work for Captain Lee again.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Below Deck cast filmed the season 3 reunion show two weekends ago. Unlike the previous seasons, for which the reunion show was filmed in Andy Cohen’s New York City clubhouse and subsequently aired as one episode, this season’s reunion show was filmed on a professional set in Miami and will be shown in two parts. Maybe viewers will get to see a lengthy conversation between Kate Chastain and Ben Robinson on their relationship on the reunion?

[Image via Bravo]