Gloria Allred Taking On Charlie Sheen’s Sex Partners As Clients, Business Is Good

The games have begun, and Charlie Sheen’s sex partners are lawyering up and working with famed attorney Gloria Allred for a potential class action suit. After Charlie Sheen made his announcement, Allred received several calls from women who don’t believe that they had safe sex with Charlie Sheen, and they know that he never told them he was HIV positive.

The whole announcement on the Today Show, was set off by extortion lawsuits, according to the Inquisitr. Sheen had told friends who leaked information to some of the adult entertainers that had been intimate with Sheen. Those women threatened to divulge Charlie Sheen’s HIV status if he didn’t pay up. Sheen thought things would get better if he went public with his diagnosis, but it seems that Allred and company are ready to make things far worse, sharing a variety of details about Sheen and his sexual proclivities.


TMZ is suggesting that Gloria Allred, who is gaining steam repping many of the women in the Bill Cosby case, is sharpening her knives and ready to go after Charlie Sheen with a vengeance.

“Since Charlie Sheen’s interview yesterday, I will now confirm that I have been contacted by women with reference to Charlie Sheen and their rights.”

“Allred is obviously referring to his now-public HIV status. Although Charlie says he did not endanger or deceive anyone, some women beg to differ and have already contacted several lawyers.”


People Magazine says that they caught Charlie Sheen giving the peace sign in reaction to his former lovers contacting Gloria Allred and coming after him.

“Meanwhile, top civil rights attorney Gloria Allred suggested that some of his exes have reached out to her about potential legal action.”

Sheen continues to deny that he could have passed the virus onto any of his former partners, but according to the CDC, he would be wrong. Even if after his diagnosis he says he was careful, Sheen was contagious before he was diagnosed and got his viral load under control. Even after that, no matter how low his numbers, he still has HIV.

“Sheen says he has not passed along the virus to any partners – and told all of his former lovers about his condition. But if he didn’t, he could be vulnerable to civil suits even from women who have tested negative, legal experts say.”


Access Hollywood also confirms that they are aware that Gloria Allred was already gaining steam with a group of Charlie Sheen’s exes.

“In the wake of his HIV-positive admission, it appears Charlie Sheen could soon be facing legal action. Attorney Gloria Allred claims she’s spoken with some of Sheen’s past romantic partners about potential legal action.”

And Allred has quite the track record of going after high-profile men on behalf of wronged women. Currently, she represents 28 women against Bill Cosby.

“Allred currently represents 28 women who allege they were victimized by Cosby. Cosby has not been charged with any crime, but he is being sued for defamation by a number of accusers. Allred — who is one of the attorneys involved in the defamation cases — said she had a ticket to Cosby’s show, but claims she was put on a “security watch list” by police and was subsequently threatened with arrest if she entered the comedian’s show.”

It will have to be seen if this group of women has a leg to stand on in terms of a valid suit against Charlie Sheen.

Do you think these women will be successful in suing Charlie Sheen?

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