‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Reconnects With Spinelli, Elizabeth And Sam Scramble And Bicker, And Lulu Asks Questions

What is coming up on Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers tease that there is an emotional reunion ahead and plenty of drama on the way. This week Sam and Jason kissed, Jason headed out of town, Nathan arrested Franco and Lulu spotted Valerie asleep on Dante’s shoulder. Where are things headed in the November 18 show?

Jason rode out of Port Charles on his motorcycle on Monday’s show, telling nobody where he was headed. General Hospital spoilers indicate that while his ultimate plan is to head to Cassadine Island to confront Helena, he makes a pit stop first. He heads to Portland to meet with Spinelli.

Longtime GH fans know the history between Jason and Spinelli, so this scene will be a big one. While Spinelli had already been working with “Jake” to help him uncover the truth about his past, this is the first time Spinelli will interact with Jason since learning the truth about his identity. General Hospital spoiler previews tease a powerful scene ahead with these two.

It will not take long for both Elizabeth and Sam to realize that Jason is missing, and naturally they will both be frantic to find him. General Hospital spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate that Sam and Elizabeth will take off, somehow ending up together, to track him down. Given the confrontation these two had on Monday’s show, it will come as no surprise that Liz and Sam’s little adventure has some intense moments coming.

Also ahead on Wednesday’s episode, She Knows Soaps reveals that Lulu will see an email of some sorts from Valerie, and it may escalate tensions related to Dante even further. Little is known quite yet just what this email is about, but General Hospital spoilers tease that Lulu will enlist some help from Maxie as she sorts through what she has uncovered, and she will ask Dante some questions about what she saw the previous night.

Viewers will be seeing some of Anna in this episode as well. She is working with a new doctor to sort through all of the chaos in her life, and General Hospital spoilers indicate she will have an emotional discussion with Patrick during Wednesday’s show as well.

Obviously, Patrick is in a very complicated spot right now. With Jason being alive, and the kiss that Sam shared with him, Patrick’s future with Sam looks to be on extremely shaky ground. In addition, Robin called Patrick, but he does not know the truth about what her situation currently is.

It seems that Anna will talk with Patrick about trying to trust how much he is loved, but General Hospital spoilers have teased that it ultimately may not be enough. Changes are on the horizon regarding Patrick, seemingly quite soon, though fans will have to stay tuned for specifics on how this plays out.

As the week continues, General Hospital spoilers tease that Morgan will have Carly worried, and he will reach out to Kiki. In addition, Hayden will be pushing to figure out just who shot her and why. She may have remembered a lot about her past, and she clearly has a major agenda as she is in cahoots with Tracy Quartermaine, but she still is struggling with the gaps in her memory. What will she do when she eventually realizes the truth about her shooting?

Will Jason ultimately choose Elizabeth, Sam, or decide to be on his own for a bit and choose neither of them? When will the truth be revealed that Liz has known for months about Jason’s true identity? There is clearly much more drama to come on General Hospital, and viewers can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]