Bree Olson Shares Opinion Of Charlie Sheen: ‘He’s A Monster’ For Not Disclosing HIV Positive Status To Her [Video]

Bree Olson shared her thoughts on Charlie Sheen during an Inside Edition interview, stating “He’s a monster” for not disclosing his HIV status to her. Sheen’s PR agent said Bree’s a liar, and Charlie wasn’t HIV-positive during the time he lived with Bree.

Olson, a former porn star, dated Sheen, 50, four years ago, and was one of his proclaimed “goddesses,” shortly after his breakup with then-wife Brooke Mueller. This was during the time he was fired from Two and a Half Men.

Bree’s story is different from Sheen’s, who told Today host Matt Lauer that people have been extorting large sums of money over the last four years to keep the actor’s HIV secret. He did not state that Olson, 29, is one of those people. After Charlie disclosed on Today, Bree tweeted that she was going to be tested, because she, just like most of the world, didn’t know Charlie had HIV until his interview.

She also said the true timeline of when Charlie discovered his HIV status is not the same one the Wall Street actor has released.

“He says he found out when him and I were together.”

Unlike Sheen’s ex-wives, Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards, Bree, 29, said she didn’t know about Sheen’s status although she was living with him in 2011, the year he was diagnosed. The ex-wives and all of Sheen’s children tested negative, per Us Magazine.

Sheen said that once he knew he had HIV, he told all his partners before becoming intimate. He also disclosed that there were two individuals he told but who still had unprotected sex with them. He made claims about taking an anti-HIV cocktail of four pills per day, which has resulted in undetectable levels of the virus in his blood.