‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Billy Faces Intense Accusations, Adam Faces Jail, And Hilary’s Condition Sparks Drama

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Wednesday’s show tease that interesting twists and turns are on the horizon. Viewers know that Patty and Ian were last seen still alive in the Newman blaze, and now word will spread to everybody else. Just what lies ahead in this November 18 episode?

Though things have been quiet on the Paragon front since the fire, that is about to change during Wednesday’s show. Viewers will see the computer tech, Topher, head to Adam’s room with a laptop. The Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that Topher will tell Adam that he has been keeping an eye on the Paragon virus to ensure nothing was happening with it. However, the virus is back and someone is managing it, and Adam will note that it is as if Ian isn’t dead after all.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Paul will start to share the news that neither Patty nor Ian were found dead in the ruins of Newman Enterprises. This will spark some discussion that Adam perhaps lied about Ian being there at all on the night of the fire. Even Chelsea will seemingly have some doubts, and Victor definitely is suspicious.

Given the news that Ian is still unaccounted for, Christine will be insistent that Adam be transported to the jail immediately. The Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that Adam will be taken away, and Chelsea is shaken as Victor stops her from a final goodbye moment.

Victor has accepted Jack and Billy’s offer to borrow some space at Jabot as he rebuilds, but viewers know that both Billy and Victor have ulterior motives with this plan. She Knows Soaps details that Ashley will make it clear she is not a fan of this plan, and she has some serious questions for Billy.

Jack and Victor will talk about how the Paragon virus seems to have been killed with the fire, but Young and Restless spoilers share that they are about to find out otherwise. Ashley soon shares that the virus is back, and it is targeting both Jabot and Newman. Everybody is stunned to learn about both the virus and the fact that Ian is surely still alive.

Ashley, Victoria, and Jack have all had some growing suspicions about Billy’s motives in regards to the offer to Victor, and there are intense discussions on that front on Wednesday’s show. In fact, Ashley even questions whether Billy might have resurrected Paragon himself to take down Victor. The Young and the Restless spoilers detail that Billy will be outraged at the insinuation, but some suspect there is something to this theory.

Billy will later call Phyllis to tell her that their plan has hit a snag. Would Billy go so far as to bring back Paragon and damage Jabot, risking his relationship with Victoria in the process, just to take down Victor? It is known that there are changes on the horizon for Billy, and viewers are anxious to see just how this all plays out.

Also ahead on Wednesday’s show, Dylan will question Hilary about what she remembers. The Young and the Restless spoilers share that he will show her a picture of Dr. Neville, and she faints after seeing it. This sends everybody scrambling, and Paul will have a difficult realization and conversation with Dylan about how Dylan isn’t a cop, yet Paul has been treating him like one.

Hilary will get checked out at the hospital, and Gwen and Neil will be pretty frantic. It seems they will bicker with one another a bit and both will be talking with Emma about Dr. Neville. Emma becomes suspicious when Neil slips a bit, and Young and Restless spoilers reveal that she will question him on being the one who had been orchestrating Hilary’s care while she had been missing.

Just what is Billy planning, and is he behind the resurrection of the Paragon virus? How long will Adam remain behind bars? Is Neil’s world about to come crashing down over what he did in hiding Hilary? Fans can’t wait to see just what comes next on The Young and the Restless.

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