Parisian Charlotte Farhan Refuses To Change Facebook Profile To French Flag Because ‘It Would Be Wrong’ — Her Explanation Why Goes Viral

Charlotte Farhan is both French and from Paris, and like the rest of the world, she was obviously disturbed by the tragic attacks on Friday in the French capital that resulted in the deaths of 129 victims. However, despite being prompted to by Facebook, Farhan has decided not to change her profile picture to the French flag because it “would be wrong.” And her explanation has since gone viral.

Farhan, who now lives in Portsmouth, England, took to her Facebook account to post a status in response to the terror attacks on Friday, insisting that it wasn’t right for her to change her Facebook profile to the French flag when there are so many atrocities being committed on a daily basis across the world.

Farhan wrote, “I won’t be changing my profile to the French flag even though I am French and from Paris. The reason for this is that if I did this for only Paris this would be wrong. If I did this for every attack on the world, I would have to change my profile everyday several times a day.”

“My heart is with the world, no borders, no hierarchy,” she continued. “I hold every human’s life with value who is attacked by extremist beliefs whether they are based on religion, prejudice or profit! Don’t be part of the ‘us and them’ mentality which the war mongers want you to do!”


Farhan’s passionate and eloquent diatribe, which she posted on Saturday, November 14, struck a chord with her followers. Soon the visual artist, published illustrator, writer, and editor’s post was liked over 152,000 times, while it has also been shared 96,605 times too.

She was rather taken aback by the response because shortly after her original post, she posted another status that read, “I am overwhelmed by the share and the likes of my last status, your messages are wonderful and we are all part of this change.”

“We will not be silent about the hypocrisy and the propaganda which blames refugees, religion and anyone not white, privileged and wester,” she continued. “Love to you all and I shall aim to respond to all your kind words and messages as soon as possible.”

But the fact that Charlotte Farhan was inundated with a deluge of responses to her words meant that soon became impossible.

Responses included the following from Patty Kearney, “Totally agree Charlotte. I won’t change my profile picture either for the same reason.”

Cathy Chollett wrote, “I liked and agreed with your post… Don’t let others shut you up… We need to Pray For The World!!! Not just when thing[s] happen… Thank You Charlotte for being who you are sharing your feelings.”

Unfortunately, there were some individuals who read Charlotte’s post in the wrong light, which provoked her to respond the following day with, “If you took what I said via the status of mine which went viral yesterday, as a criticism, then you missed my point completely. I was speaking for myself about my views and my actions regarding my life.”


“I am sad that certain ‘friends’ have been so shady and said such hurtful things about how I live my life,” she continued. “Please show people respect and speak for yourself not others!! I have no issue with those using the flag as their profile picture, I just explained why I as a FRENCH person did not. #weareone #peace.”

Charlotte Farhan has continued to post a number of Facebook updates regarding the fact that her status went viral while she’s also made sure to highlight other atrocities that have been committed across the world since November 13.

[Photo by Daniel Munoz/Getty Images]