Porsha Williams Talks Cynthia Bailey’s Divorce: What She Knows

Porsha Williams was the one housewife last year who questioned whether Peter Thomas was indeed faithful to Cynthia Bailey. Williams made accusations that Peter was sleeping around town and hooking up with servers from Bar One. Cynthia later denied that anything had happened in her marriage, but Porsha claims that there were plenty of rumors about his infidelity.

So Porsha Williams may not have been shocked when she heard that Peter had been caught in a compromising video at Sports One. In an Instagram video, Peter was caught touching and grabbing another woman. And it was done in a way that Bailey thought was inappropriate. She confronted him on the first episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta this season, and he downplayed his behavior. But now, Porsha is offering her two cents on the marriage.

According to a new Radar Online report, Porsha Williams is now revealing that she doesn’t really know what Cynthia is thinking these days, but she hopes that Bailey will stay and fight for her marriage — something that Porsha’s husband Kordell didn’t do for her.

“They both really do love each other and really do want to work it out,” Porsha has revealed to the website, adding, “I think that’s what they both want.”

“Cynthia and Peter haven’t always been my best friends because they kind of delved and got really involved in my personal relationship as they both did with Phaedra’s personal relationship,” Williams said, adding, “So I haven’t been really close to her to be like that person who she confides in. I have told her before, ‘Over anything, work it out.’ A marriage is worth it. You love that person and you are going have those months in a row, but try to work it out.”

Of course, Porsha Williams was never given the chance to work on her own marriage. A few years back, Williams was married to Kordell Stewart. The two had been married for a short while before joining The Real Housewives of Atlanta. As the season was ending on television, Kordell filed for divorce, and Porsha learned of the news on social media. She never had the chance to fix her marriage, go to counseling, or even explains herself. The two were talking about having children, but it clearly wasn’t ideal for Kordell.

“It’s got to be worked out in way that’s still going to be good for you. You don’t want be naïve in a situation with anybody, so you have to stand up for yourself and take those blinders off and deal with the issue,” Porsha Williams explains, adding that she doesn’t want a divorce for Cynthia, revealing, “I’ve been through a divorce — I’m not saying I’m necessarily head over heels for my ex, but I don’t wish it on anybody. I don’t care if you feel like he’s your worst enemy or she’s your worst enemy. I just feel like marriage is worth it.”

Even though Williams is quick to speak out about Bailey’s marriage, she does have some love troubles herself. She was dating NFL player Duke Williams for a brief moment, but it sounds like that romance didn’t last. After just four months, the couple split right before the NFL season began. Despite having a party in Duke’s honor, he decided to leave her behind. And according to OK! Magazine, there were also rumors of an affair. Even though the party Williams had for him, their friends talked about his desire to hook up with prostitutes.

What do you think of Porsha Williams speaking out about Cynthia Bailey’s marriage? Do you think Cynthia should stay and fight for her marriage?

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