Selfie Mirror: Ultimate Accessory In Self-Promotion & Smart Home Tech [Video]

In today’s self-absorbed world, technology constantly strives to achieve the best and most useful results. The latest is the Selfie Mirror, which not only takes photos and videos, but also posts them to the social media for you, while all the time monitoring your smart home.

Move over selfie sticks, you have been replaced — well, in the home anyhow. Nowadays, you don’t need to use a camera or smartphone to take those ever-important selfies. All you need to do is stroll up to the Selfie Mirror in your own home and pose attractively for the built in Sony 16 mp HD camera. The mirror also reportedly provides the perfect lighting to make you look your utter best.

Selfie Mirror

The Selfie Mirror also has a specially developed mobile app, giving you a selection of frames and delay options to choose from. This allows you to take the perfect selfie to post to your social media accounts.

According to Smart Ltd’s official website, you can also use the Selfie Mirror every day to connect to your friends all over the world, while sending them your latest look. There’s a feature that allows you to make Skype calls, read Tripadvisor reviews, check the news and weather and generally update your Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Selfie Mirror

Had enough of posing in front of the mirror and just want to relax? The Selfie Mirror even has a built in hi-fi system, letting you play your favorite tunes, or connect to SoundCloud or Internet radio. The mirror was engineered with the Android OS, giving better application compatibility, and an LED light touch panel is available at the base of the mirror to manage the speakers and volume, etc.

While this is the perfect accessory for the narcissists of today, the Selfie Mirror doesn’t only take photos. It also manages the smart devices in your home, taking the worry out of home security and monitoring.

With the mirror’s built in camera, you can utilize two-way video surveillance to protect your home and your loved ones. The Selfie Mirror has two-way video surveillance capabilities, complete with motion sensor, and can transmit the video footage direct to your mobile device.

Selfie Mirror

There’s even four smart sensors on board to detect fire, air quality, gas leaks, home temperature and humidity. Features allow you to turn on or off any smart devices in the home, including light dimmers, air conditioning and video surveillance cameras.

Selfie Mirror

Getting back to the photography of self, the video bloggers’ version of the Selfie Mirror has a useful feature, allowing you to open your video blog with just one device. You simply start talking and automatically stream your latest vlog direct to your waiting and eager fans.

Of course, the Selfie Mirror is an essential home accessory for celebs, giving the Kardashians a totally hands-free experience for their neverending posing.

As reported by Digital Trends, if you hate selfie sticks, you will definitely have a strong dislike for the Selfie Mirror, but it does look pretty useful. Presumably one thing to watch out for is accidentally turning the mirror on at the very worst time, showing the world your “other side” when you have just dragged yourself out of bed, or after arriving home from a long and boozy night out. That could be fun. If the Selfie Mirror is placed in your bedroom, you would also need to be extremely careful not to show that “side” of yourself too.

Here’s a thought: with your selfie needs taken care of at home by the Selfie Mirror, maybe people can go outside, mingle and socialize with the physical world, without constantly staring and thumbing at that smaller screen? How about that?

Learn more about the Selfie Mirror in the video below:

[Photo courtesy Smart Ltd.]