Teacher Demands Students Punch the School Bully

A Texas kindergarten took justice into her own hands when she ordered her five and six-year old students to hit a classmate the public school teacher considered a bully. The adult tasked with teaching and protecting children ordered students to hit a 50-pound boy named Aiden to “teach him a lesson,” according to CNN. A fellow Salinas Elementary School teacher witnessed the alleged classroom beating but did not report the incident for at least two weeks.

The alleged victim’s parents did not learn of the incident until contacted by school officials weeks after the boy was harmed under the direction and supervision of his kindergarten teacher, according to statements school officials made to local media outlets. Aidien’s mother Amy Neely stated her son was not a bully and did not show any signs of behavior problems at home. Neely also noted that her son has friends in the classroom who did not want to him him but did as the teacher “instructed,” according to the Associated Press. A total of 24 students hit the boy, some more than once.

Judson Independent School District representative Steve Linscomb announced the teacher will not be rehired next school year. The teacher who witnessed and failed to report the beating will be back in the classroom again next year. Neely is perplexed that district police have yet to file criminal charges against the kindergarten teacher who ordered students to hit the alleged classroom bully. Neely told CNN that her biggest concern is the teacher will resurface in another district and once again be placed in a position of authority over children. Neely filed an official oppression complaint with the school this week. According to police report excerpts published by the Associated Press, the teacher was heard yelling “hit him, hit him harder.”