Gene Simmons Shows Up At ‘X-Factor’ Auditions, Cheers On Daughter Sophie

Gene Simmons and Daughter Sophie Simmons

KISS frontman Gene Simmons showed up at the Father’s Day X-Factor auditions on Sunday but he wasn’t there to judge contestants with Britney Spears and Simon Cowell, instead he arrived to cheer on his daughter Sophie Simmons.

The auditions were taking place in San Francisco and Sophie showed up saying she wanted a “fair shot” while telling the judges “this isn’t about my dad. This is about my audition.”

Gene almost didn’t make his unscheduled appearance, having received a phone call from his 19-year-old daughter the night before her appearance. Sophie called her dad to say she wouldn’t be making it home for Father’s Day because of her attempt to earn her way on to the music contest.

Once he realized his only daughter would be trying her hand on the show Gene Simmons jumped on a private plane and flew to San Francisco, making it just in time for her performance.

On their show “Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels” we witnessed the singing prowess of son Nick Tweed-Simmons, we’ll have to wait for X-Factor to debut to see if the apple once again falls close to the tree.

Apparently not all judges agreed on Sophie’s performance and a source at the Daily Mail revealed:

‘The judges made it clear to Sophie and her dad that she’d be auditioned just like any other contestant – that’s what everyone wanted – and she was…”

Also in attendance for the big audition was mother Shannon Tweed.

Are you looking forward to seeing how Sophie Simmons did? After all she has some big shoes to fill.