May 15, 2019
James Charles' 'Sisters' Tour Still On Despite Loss Of 3 Million Followers In YouTube Feud With Tati Westbrook

James Charles will still hit the road for a U.S. speaking tour despite his plummeting social media numbers. The YouTube star, who is currently embroiled in an epic feud with fellow beauty vlogger Tati Westbrook, has not canceled his national "Sisters" tour, TMZ reports.

James Charles has lost about 3 million subscribers after former friend Tati Westbrook posted a scathing, 43-minute YouTube video in which she alleged that he betrayed her by promoting a rival beauty product and used his fame to manipulate straight men. James' famous former followers include Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Demi Lovato, Shawn Mendes, and Ariana Grande, according to People.

A tearful apology video posted by James Charles, titled "tati," did little to help. The 19-year-old makeup guru's YouTube counter continues to go down. But Charles' "Sisters" tour will go on, insiders tell TMZ.

James Charles' whirlwind, 24-date "Sisters" tour kicks off June 26 in Philadelphia and ends July 26 in Los Angeles. So far, venues for six of Charles' initial tour stops confirmed to TMZ that they are still making plans to host the controversial YouTube star and have not been notified by tour producers of any change of plans. Tickets are still on sale for each of James' 24 tour dates and are going for up to $500 for VIP seats.

And for those former fans asking for refunds amid James' social media scandal, it should be noted that all sales are final as long as the "Sisters" tour is still on.

James Charles is currently in the middle of a mini-tour in Australia. When Tati Westbrook dropped her video, titled "Bye Sister," last Friday, James was scheduled to appear at the opening of his Sisters Apparel Store at the Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast Mall. According to Seventeen, James Charles showed up nearly two hours late for the high-profile meet and greet that some fans paid $500 to attend.

When James finally showed up, he spoke for just seven minutes after apologizing for being late.

"Thank you guys all for coming," James reportedly told the crowd. "Thank you for waiting as well. I'm sorry for being a little late. I had lots of personal stuff this morning."

While James Charles' beef with his mentor Tati Westbrook has cost him millions of fans, he still boasts over 13 million YouTube subscribers. Only time will tell if Cover Girl's first male face will be permanently canceled.

You can see Tati Westbrook and James Charles' feud videos below.