‘Terminator 3’ Star Nick Stahl Has Left Rehab

Nick Stahl poses for a portrait

When Terminator 3 star Nick Stahl went missing more than one month ago his family and friends expected the worse, after all Nick Stahl had fallen into a deep hole of depression and drug use that eventually landed him on skid row. Now less than one month after entering rehab we have learned that the actor has checked himself out of rehab.

According to a source at E! News:

“He left a week ago.”

The source adds:

“He walked out against doctors’ advice. He just didn’t want to be there anymore…It is very sad. He’s still struggling and has yet to hit rock bottom. Everyone is extremely worried about him.”

The insider confirmed Stahl’s exit from rehab after he was spotted in downtown Los Angeles a few days ago. In the meantime Stahl’s wife who originally reported him missing in late May is refusing to talk about his current state of mind.

Before he entered rehab Nick Stahl seem prepared to turn his life around, just days before heading to the facility he emailed his friends and family and apologized for “worrying” them. Stahl admitted in that email that he wanted to receive help and would therefore enter into a rehab program.

While Nick Stahl is now being spotted in public his friends and family are still reportedly worried about his state of health given the brevity of his rehabilitation attempt.

His story is yet another sad example of what Hollywood can do to young stars, here’s hoping he can turn his tragedy into a positive life experience.