‘GTA V’ Week-Long Event Offers Free Daily Unlocks As Well As Online Lowrider Discounts, Bonus RP

After wrapping up the extended Halloween event for Grand Theft Auto V this past weekend, it seems Rockstar Games intends to continue to present fans with ongoing bonus content for the game’s online multiplayer mode. Starting today and running through this Sunday, a newly started GTA Online event will give players the opportunity to try out the new vehicles and customization options that were recently introduced with last month’s launch of the free Lowriders DLC update.

This week’s active GTA V bonuses weren’t announced ahead of time, and the event caught gamers by surprise. The developer didn’t reveal what players should expect from the Lowriders-themed event until after it had already begun. Among a host of other benefits, Rockstar Games detailed that fans will be able to pick up any of the new Lowrider vehicle customizations at drastically discounted prices throughout the week.

GTA Online player-owned, lowrider garage
All of GTA V's new Lowrider vehicles [Image via Rockstar Games]

“It’s time to hit the streets low and slow — this week in GTA Online, enjoy seven days of rewards to help you collect the ultimate set of lowriders in Los Santos. Throughout the week, enjoy discounted prices on classic rides added in GTA Online: Lowriders, as well as deep discounts on Lowrider mods and accessories at Benny’s Original Motor Works.”

For the first six days of the event, gamers can purchase and modify all of Grand Theft Auto V‘s new Lowrider vehicles at discounted prices. A new sale will be available for different cars every day. Furthermore, each customization charge continues to get cheaper every time the same car is altered in the same day. The sale also extends to the new dashboard Bobbleheads.

GTA V dashboard Bobblehead One of GTA Online’s new vehicle Bobbleheads [Image via Rockstar Games]Rockstar Games has also created a special event playlist for GTA Online that will be available all week long. Completing any of the marked missions will offer bonus payouts, allowing users to improve their character level as well as their bank account.

“Each day this week will feature a unique Event Playlist designed to put your Lowrider through the paces. Completing the playlist will get you twice the amount of GTA$ and RP as normal, so get to racing and take that money to the bank (or to Benny’s).”

The double rewards will continue into this weekend, when players will be able to earn twice the normal amounts of cash and RP from any of the new co-op jobs or Adversary Modes that were introduced to GTA V as part of the Lowriders title update.

“On Saturday, if you see Lamar hanging around the shop, help him take out the Vagos and Ballas to earn double GTA$ and RP in the new Contact Missions. And on Sunday, all four of the new Adversary Modes added with GTA Online: Lowriders (Relay, Keep the Pace, Offence Defense, and Slasher) will offer up double GTA$ & RP.”

On top of every other bonus coming to Grand Theft Auto this week, Rockstar Games will also be gifting a series of exclusive hats to collect. In order to unlock the new clothing items, players simply have to log into GTA Online each day to receive a different ball cap. These hats can only be acquired during the current event. Fans won’t be able to purchase them from an in-game store at a later date.

GTA V lowriders hats Unlock exclusive hats in GTA Online this week [Image via Rockstar Games]The Lowriders DLC first launched in GTA Online this past October. At the time, however, Rockstar Games was busy preparing for a multi-week Halloween event and didn’t appear to have time to properly celebrate the new update. Now that the recent holiday festivities have ended, the developer is revisiting the Lowriders content with an extended event of its own.

As reported last month by the Inquisitr, the GTA Online: Lowriders title update added a new vehicle garage to Los Santos that lets players build their own custom, hydraulic-powered show cars.

Are you excited Rockstar Games has run back-to-back events in GTA V?

[Image via Rockstar Games]