Kody Brown Supports Meri, Promises To Love Her Through Catfishing Scandal

Kody Brown is now supporting Meri Brown even though she is admitting to having an online relationship with someone she thought was a man who was actually a woman. Hollywood Life is now reporting that Kody Brown has shared that he will stick by Meri no matter what and that they are still together at this time. It looks like their marriage is stronger than Meri ever realized because Kody is not going anywhere.

This all happened a while ago but is just now showing on Sister Wives since episodes were recorded months ago. Now, Kody Brown is sharing that he is sticking by Meri. He went on Twitter to share what is going on with them now.

“I will love and support @MeriBrown1 ALWAYS!!! She needs to let me. Working on it! #SisterWives”


Meri Brown was actually talking to someone online she thought was a man. Meri is still spiritually married to Kody Brown. It turns out that the person she was talking to was actually a woman pretending to be a man, and this person had targeted the Brown family, according to Meri. Brown even shared that she has received some threats from the person who catfished her. This person made it sound like they are great online and can uncover things that people don’t want the world to know.

Us Magazine shared what Meri Brown revealed on the show last night. A lot came out that nobody ever knew. While on a vacation in Alaska with the entire Brown family, including husband Kody, Meri spoke to all of the adults at dinner and revealed what has been going on with her. She even made it sound like she might be leaving the family. This all started for Meri Brown when her only daughter left for college.

“Usually when people go through empty nest it’s a couple doing it together. In a plural situation that’s not the case. I’m in this place where I just feel alone, isolated, lonely.”

While chatting online, Meri Brown found herself feeling very interested in a certain person. They were talking online and on the phone. Meri admits it was nice to have someone to talk to and obviously she is feeling lonely. Right now, Meri is living by herself except for the night that she gets Kody, which is only once every four nights. Meri admits that the person was making her start loving them and that it felt good to laugh together.

There were a few red flags for the situation, though. Meri Brown shared the details of this last night.

“There were times early on that I was talking to him that I knew he was just feeding me a line of bulls**t, and I chose to ignore it because I enjoyed just talking to somebody.”

Meri Brown knew that something was up, but anytime she asked, the person would go crazy on her and almost became verbally abusive. Meri finally found out that it was really a woman she was talking to, not a man. She had been tricked the entire time and was never really talking to a man.

Are you surprised to hear that Kody Brown is staying with Meri? Sound off in the comments, and don’t miss the rest of this season of Sister Wives. On next Sunday night, Meri Brown will speak out in a big two-hour finale interview. This is when more information about the catfish incident will come out, and everyone will be surprised to hear it all. Don’t miss this two-hour special on TLC on Sunday, December 22. It is going to be the first time that Meri has talked in public about everything that happened to her.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]