‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abby Gives Birth, Ben Takes The Baby

Days of Our Lives fans are in for some serious drama for the rest of the year. If you thought the fall was full of surprises, then you’ll love what’s in store this winter. Of course, everyone wants to know what will happen with Abigail and Ben now that Abby is in labor and her murderous fiancé is holding her hostage.

According to the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers, Abigail will give birth to a baby that looks a little too much like Chad for Ben’s liking. Soap Shows reports that the baby will be a boy. A preview for things to come in Salem also shows that Chad will do everything he can to save Abigail. He may not succeed.

Although Days of Our Lives viewers will get to see Chad come to Abby’s rescue, Ben will ruin his hero plans and take him hostage, as well. Meanwhile, Abigail is in labor and the baby is coming. Abby will beg Ben to let her go to the hospital to deliver the child, but Ben is totally off his rocker and won’t allow it.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Ben tries to kill Chad and Abigail. [Image via NBC]The baby will be born a boy, and Ben will devise his own plan for the child. The necktie killer will break his M.O. and chain both Abby and Chad to the bed. Ben will then disturbingly pour gasoline all over them and the bed and light a match. Ben will tell Abigail that since she wants to be with Chad, she’ll now get to spend eternity with him, and light the bed on fire. Creepily, Ben will take the baby with him and leave Chad and Abigail to burn.

It is unclear on how Chad and Abby will get out of this mess, but it’s safe to say that they’ll come out alive. Days of Our Lives fans will then likely get to see them search for their son together as Ben will be terrorizing Abigail further by keeping her away from her newborn son, who could possibly have health problems due to his premature birth.

It is only a matter of time before Ben is revealed to all as the Salem serial killer and police will be searching for him everywhere. Will he be brought to justice, or killed in the process? Will Abigail get her son back and learn that he is actually Chad’s child, not Ben’s? All will be revealed in the coming months on Days of Our Lives and fans won’t want to miss a moment of the action.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Abigail gives birth, Ben kidnaps the baby. [Images via NBC]Meanwhile, the rest of Salem is in for serious drama, as well. Bo will learn that he is very sick, and doesn’t have much time to live just as he and Hope reunite their love and passion for one another. Hope will then be facing yet another devastating loss, likely the biggest one of her life. All the while, Steve and Kayla will be facing a mystery of their own — as someone is out to get their family, Belle will return to Salem and a big bombshell about her relationship with Shawn Douglas will be revealed as her sister Sami will be facing her family’s most dangerous enemy, the DiMera family. Can Sami find what she needs to bring down Stefano and Andre for good?

Days of Our Lives will roll in to the new year with drama as well as a disaster is rumored to take place and will actually end the life of one of Salem’s most well respected residents, bringing heartache to many in the town.

It will be a winter to remember on Days of Our Lives, so don’t forget to set your DVR’s!