Is ‘Modern Family’ Ending? ‘Peep Show’ Style ‘Workplace,’ ‘Family Show’ Emerge

In the near future, people may look back at 2016 as the year that Modern Family split into two different TV shows. On the other hand, the two new shows from the executive producers of Modern Family could be the first signs that there will not be an eighth season of the television hit show.

New television show ideas are always welcome — especially if the talent behind current TV hits are the ones making those new ideas happen. For fans that loved Modern Family, stay tuned for two new television shows coming to a major networks in 2016.

According to Deadline, there will be a comedy created called Workplace from Modern Family executive producers/writers, Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh. They state that Workplace comes out of a deal that Corrigan and Walsh put together in 2014.

Workplace is already in the studios being filmed, and it will air on CBS, but it is being produced in FOX TV studios.

The synopsis given by Deadline for Workplace involves a commercial building with “three seemingly separate businesses: a one-hit-wonder app developer; a real estate company grudgingly shared by a divorced couple; and a cafe run by two sisters, one of whom hasn’t worked a day in her life.”

Is Modern Family over?
Could Modern Family be coming to an end? (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images For AFI)

Regardless, it may be a good idea for Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh to have a project to do outside of Modern Family. As it appears, Splitsider claimed around the same time that Workplace was announced as a future pilot for CBS that Danny Zuker, also an executive producer for Modern Family, had a new deal lined up at ABC.

Also, like Workplace, the new Family Show from Danny Zuker will be a single-camera comedy. In addition, Variety points out that the deal for Family Show also has a history of being part of the deal. Of course, this is the same story for the other Modern Family executive producers, Brad Walsh and Paul Corrigan.

Family Show is being described as “the imperfect people who strive to be half as good as the perfect TV family they create every week for America.”

About the style, the media has described Workplace as being a “single-camera comedy.” Interestingly, one very popular British show that used this technique is slated to return to broadcast in England in November 2015.

Called Peep Show (perhaps referencing the “peeping” of the single-camera filming style), the Guardian stated on November 15 that the single-camera style comedy returned for a ninth season on C4/ITV after being fallow for several years.

Will England's "Peep Show" continue to have influence on "Workplace" or "Family Show" in America? (Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images)

Could Workplace gain the same cult and reviewer following as Peep Show simply because of the unique camera techniques that set it apart? The Independent points out that Peep Show is hardly the first sitcom in England to use the single-camera technique, but it certainly helps the show stand out.

About the “beginning of the very last season” of Peep Show, the News Hub writes the following on November 15 about episode 1 titled “The William Morris Years” and may be referencing the camera technique.

“The ending is a bit far-fetched with Mark, Jez and Super Hans tying up Jerry up in his sleeping bag and then pulling him out in the lift with all his stuff. Despite this, it is still brilliant to watch.”

But does this news about Family Show and Workplace mean that this is the end of Modern Family? E! Online and others published stories around May 20 about fears that fans had that Modern Family would get canceled — right before season 7 was renewed.

For now, there is no new information about whether the eighth season of Modern Family series will continue in 2016.

Nevertheless, it is clear that the writers and executive producers of Modern Family be making their new Workplace and Family Show episodes once the pilots are approved.

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