November 15, 2015
'The Voice' Top 12: Jordan Smith Leads, But Who Could Catch Him?

Season 9 of The Voice has one very clear front-runner, and his name is Jordan Smith. However, just because an artist starts out very well on a show like this doesn't necessarily mean they'll go on to win. We've been surprised before. Personally, I'd be happy with any one of several finalists on this show winning.

Personal feelings aside, it's kind of hard to argue that The Voice isn't being dominated by the perfect performances by Jordan. At least, perfect thus far. What if Smith were to have a bad week while another Voice contestant had a brilliant night? Could it shift the playing field a bit?

With this scenario in mind, which singers in the current Voice Top 12 have what it takes to get out in front and even defeat Jordan Smith?

Shelby Brown doesn't seem an obvious choice until you consider what she has going for her. First, she's the strongest woman singer remaining on The Voice. I adore the smoothness of fellow Team Adam member Amy Vachal's voice. However, I do think Shelby has better vocals than Vachal.

She also happens to be a popular country artist. In retrospect, I'm thinking Shelby is why Emily Ann Roberts wasn't voted through; she took Emily Ann's country votes. I actually feel that she may be splitting genre loyalties. It's kind of why I think Blake would have been wise to keep around a non-country artist.

Anyway, her talent and her background could give her enough of a boost to pull off a last-minute upset....or cause a split among Team Adam fans that results in someone else winning The Voice Season 9.

Jeffery Austin is criminally underrated. I believe that were it not for the presence of Jordan Smith this season, he might be out in front right now. Austin hasn't done too bad, although he didn't seem to have a standout moment until relatively recently.

The good news is that as he continues to deliver soulful, flawless performances of his own, he offers hope to Team Gwen that she just might win her first season of The Voice. I also predict that should (Heaven forbid!) Jordan have an off week, it will likely be Jeffery that benefits.

I'm adding Barret Barber because The Voice producers want him to happen. I'm not particularly bitter at this development because he's a nice guy and a teacher. Good teachers are awesome and always deserving of appreciation.

I just am puzzled at how hard he's pushed because if I were to think of a sizeable challenge to Jordan Smith...Barret Barber wouldn't be the first Voice contestant that would come to mind. Not even the third. However, he's an "everyman" type living the dream, and it makes for a feel good story. Could a feel good underdog dethrone Jordan? Well...I won't rule it out.

I almost didn't say Zach Seabaugh because I was afraid the universe would hit me with a shoe. Just hear me out! I consider Zach my current dark horse because he seems to have hit the trifecta of looks, talent, and charm in a way that makes him dangerous. First, he's young and good-looking. That's the teenage fangirl vote on lock. He's a polite and sweet looking young man with a deep country voice. That's both the country Voice fans and the older Voice voters on lock. He's also got a good voice and a charming, old-fashioned charisma. Yep, that's everyone else.

Zach appeals to the widest variety of people aside from Jordan. With the right song choices to set the right tone for his Voice run, I could see Seabaugh gliding all the way to the Season 9 finale. There, he just might pull off a MAJOR upset and come away the Voice winner.

Was there a front-runner on The Voice you think I overlooked? Is there someone here you think doesn't have a chance against Jordan Smith? Comment below!

[Image via screen grab of The Voice Official YouTube Channel]