2NE1 Rumored To Return On November 21 At 21:00, But Is This Really The Release Date Of CL’s American Solo Album?

Back in 2009, YG Entertainment revealed a girl group, one that would become one of the biggest K-pop acts in the Hallyu Wave, 2NE1. Consisting of CL, Bom, Dara, and Minzy, 2NE1 came on the scene with a general positive response with their debut album To Anyone. Though the album peaked at number one in Korean sales, it was met with generally positive to mixed reviews, which can spell becoming just “one of the many K-pop groups” in the business today. However, that all changed with the release of “I Am The Best” (music video attached below) in 2011. Suddenly, 2NE1 was on the same tier of popularity as Big Bang, TVXQ, and Girls’ Generation. Eventually, they would follow up with more songs and a second studio album titled Crush.

After Crush and their second international tour AON: All Or Nothing Tour, the members of 2NE1 went their separate ways to take care of their solo careers. Out of the four, Dara and CL seems to be doing the best with their individual endeavors. Dara has been acting in more K-dramas as of late, usually ones with Kim Soo Hyun as the male lead. CL, on the other hand, stayed in music but wants to pursue her solo career in the American music industry.

Blackjacks (hardcore fans of 2NE1) are happy certain members of their preferred K-pop group are doing well with said solo careers. In the end, they are all clamoring for 2NE1 to reunite. Apparently, their wishes might come true because rumor has it 2NE1 will return on November 21, 2015 at 21:00 (9 p.m.). However, are the rumors really pointing not to 2NE1 but CL? For months, it has been reported that CL would be releasing her debut American solo album around this time. Is the November 21, 2015 at 21:00 really the release date for her album?

2NE1 Who's Next
YG Entertainment released this teaser poster in which many K-pop fans speculated it signaled 2NE1’s return (Image via YG Entertainment’s Official Instagram).

According to K-Pop Herald, people claiming to be industry insiders say 2NE1 will release their new album on November 21, 2015 at 21:00 (9 p.m.) on Wednesday, November 11, 2015. This comes after 2NE1’s label, YG Entertainment, recently released a teaser picture (attached above) through its official blog. The poster reads, “Who’s Next?” but also lists the aforementioned date and time too. At the time, it was speculated YG Entertainment was referring to 2NE1 simply because they were not mentioned. Ergo, any supposed confirmation from anyone claiming to be an “industry insider” will surely create noise.

However, there are certain peculiar details that may indicate that the teaser picture may not indeed point to a return for 2NE1 but to CL’s American solo album release. First and foremost, YG Entertainment Chief Yang Hyun Suk recently said in an interview that 2NE1 member Bom was still in self-reflection following her drug scandal. Back in 2014, local news reported that Bom was caught trying to smuggle illegal drugs back in 2010. It details that the illegal substances were 82 pills of narcotic amphetamines. Anyways, there is no word of Bom coming out of self-reflection.

Thus, we come back to CL’s American solo album. According to KpopStarz, another industry insider claims CL finished her album and is currently working on her comeback stage. This also links to Yang Hyun Suk’s statement he made earlier this year about CL.

“First, we are focusing on CL. You will hear positive news about her soon. We will think about a 2NE1 comeback after CL finishes her solo promotions.”

As of now, the K-pop community (especially Blackjacks) are debating if the anonymous date points to 2NE1 or CL alone. In six days however, we will all know the answer.

[Image via 2NE1’s Official Facebook Page]

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