Bill Cosby Update: Four More Women Join Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Against Comedian

Four more women joined a federal lawsuit against in Boston filed by Tamara Green, a former model who not only accuses actor and comedian Bill Cosby of sexual abuse, but was also the first person to come forward and support Andrea Constand’s allegations against Cosby.

New York Daily News reports the four additional women are seeking compensation in the federal lawsuit against Cosby after he allegedly drugged and sexually abused them. Some of the victims have been publicly shamed, making it hard for them to find work.

Former model Tamara Green was the first person to come forward and support a woman who accuses Bill Cosby of sexual abuse. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Imgages for De Beers)

Barbara Bowman was 17-years-old when Cosby allegedly sexually assaulted her on numerous occasions in 1985. She claims that his abuse led her to a difficult life and although it’s been numerous years, she wants to set the record straight, despite the actor’s continuous denials.

“There’s no reason that any of the victims of this situation should have to live with a scarlet letter in their lives. I am not a liar. I am a truth-teller.”

Bowman states that although she hasn’t received any threats since coming forward with her story, she’s had a difficult time obtaining sustainable employment due to the fame surrounding her case. She also avoids shopping where crowds are around and keeps a low profile in her personal life.

Another accuser, Louisa Moritz, claims that Cosby sexually assaulted her in a dressing room in 1969, on the set of The Tonight Show, while another accuser, Angela Leslie, states that she met Cosby in Las Vegas in 1992, where he sexually assaulted her in a hotel suite.

The fourth accuser, Joan Tarshis, was 19 when Cosby reportedly sexually abused her. Since coming forward, Tarshis has been ridiculed and publicly shamed, including an incident where an unknown woman drove by her in a car, called her a liar, and spat on her.

“I was incredibly shaken by that. I don’t want to sound like Richard Nixon, but I’m not a liar. Why would anybody lie about something like this? This is not my legacy.”

The four women join three other women in the Boston federal lawsuit against Cosby: Green, the first woman to come forward and initiate the lawsuit, along with Therese Serignese, and Linda Traitz.

The Cosby Show actor also faces five other lawsuits in which women are accusing him of the same things, including Kristina Ruehli, who states Cosby raped her in 1995 when she visited him at his home in Los Angeles.

In addition to the six civil lawsuits, Cosby may also face criminal charges in both Pennsylvania and California, where two other women came forward to accuse Cosby of sexual abuse. One of the accusers, Donna Barrett, recently revealed that Cosby allegedly sexually assaulted her during a 2004 track meet at the University of Pennsylvania. Barrett, an officiator at the event, claims that Cosby pulled her to his groin area and said the following.

“Hey, back that thing up here, girl, back it on up!”

Cosby’s attorney, Marshall Searcy III, has declined to comment on the recent allegations against his client. Cosby’s other attorney, Monique Pressley, also denied requests for comments. The attorney representing the four new accusers, Joseph Cammarata, elected to comment on the issue. People reports that Cammarata stated that Cosby insulted each of his clients, calling them liars when they accused him of sexual abuse.

Bill Cosby continues to deny the sexual allegations against him. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images for Meet the Press)

“Each of these women came out and publicly recounted the sexual assault and sexual abuse that they suffered at the hands of Mr. Cosby, and in response Mr. Cosby branded each of these women…liars.”

Bill Cosby continues to deny all of the allegations against him.

[Photo Courtesy of Alex Wong/Getty Images]