Black Activist Shows His Freedom Of Expression By Punching Christian Preacher In University Of Missouri’s ‘Free Speech Zone’

A black activist at the University of Missouri showed his “freedom of expression” towards a Christian pastor who was in the midst of protests. Apparently, the unidentified black activist punched the unidentified pastor in the mouth.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the University of Missouri has been in the headlines for quite some time now because of racism on campus. The movement has grown so big they are not just extending to campus staff, but steering in a direction of racism-fueled violence. In one situation that covers both, Professor Dale Brigham tried to resign after standing up to the “Shoot Black People” movement. Brigham did this by telling his students to show up to class for a test despite the death threats. Reportedly MU did not grant Brigham his resignation.

Now the racism-fueled violence seems to be swinging the other way as well. According to the Gateway Pundit, Jake Holt — who identifies himself as a campus associate for Fox News — reported that a Christian pastor (who happens to be Caucasian) was punched by a Black activist in the middle of one of the “Free Speech Zones” established within the University of Missouri. From what is written in the report, the Christian preacher was preaching about Christianity at the time when he was suddenly assaulted physically. Holt posted up the following picture of the Christian preacher after he was assaulted on Facebook.

Christian Preacher Assaulted
Jake Holt, a self-identified campus associate for Fox News, uploaded a picture of a Christian preacher in one of MU’s “free speech zones” after he was assaulted by a Black activist (Image via Jake Loft’s Facebook).

Along with the upload of the picture, Jake Holt provided a statement in response to the Christian preacher being assaulted.

“I can no longer stand on the outside of this. A man of God was assaulted in our ‘free speech zone’ on campus by someone associated with a group of African American Communists from New York for simply using his first amendment rights to spread the word of God. This protest has become an attack on free speech and it is wrong.”

TheBlaze provided more details about the Christian preacher’s assault. Thanks to a video on Periscope, it is known he was holding a Holy Bible and a sign which referenced Hebrews 5:9. He used the “Free Speech Zone” as a means to talk about the Gospel. It is also through the video that some form of witness corroboration to the assault was provided. He also had a microphone so he could amplify his voice to help spread the message, but that was taken away from him after getting slugged. The Black activist apparently used the microphone for another form of preaching in which he talked about oppression and free speech. He also talked about activist Martin Luther King Jr. and how he enacted social change through non-violence. Readers from initial news have commented that the Black activist’s words were hypocritical given the fact he punched someone prior to spreading his message.

Major Brian Weimer, who works for the University of Missouri Police Department, did confirm that an incident report was filed. However, the case remains ongoing because the evidence thus far has failed to identify who the suspect is. Therefore, no arrests have been made. However, the investigation into the alleged assault is still ongoing.

Despite what is reported, there is no footage of the assault in process. Therefore most of the case has to be made by details before and after it happened. In conclusion, the video provided by Periscope will be the deciding factor unless a third-party confession arises. From what is provided in the video, is it enough to make a case or is it lacking?

[Photo by Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images]

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