Dale Brigham Quits — But Brigham’s Resignation Not Accepted By The University of Missouri, Reports ‘KOMU 8 News’

Dale Brigham is certainly getting a lot of buzz on Twitter. Dale is a popular professor who sent an email to University of Missouri students who were afraid to come to school after Hunter Park sent death threats via YikYak, as reported by the Inquisitr. Instead of Brigham having compassion for students reacting to Park’s threats to shoot every black person he saw on campus, Dale came under fire for telling students he wasn’t canceling class. An email sent by Brigham is making the social media rounds.

The fact that Dale reduced the death threats to words leveled by “bullies” is what has made social media explode regarding Brigham.

“If you don’t feel safe coming to class, then don’t come to class. I will be there, and there will be an exam administered in our class. If you give into bullies, they win. The only way bullies are defeated is by standing up to them. If we cancel the exam, they win; if we go through with it, they lose. I know which side I am on. You make your own choice.”

As a result of that response getting Dale lots of heat, Brigham resigned, as reported by NBC News. Dale reportedly submitted his choice to resign from the University of Missouri to the school, but Brigham was still waiting for an answer from his superiors to accept Dale’s resignation.

However, Brigham might not be going anywhere, reports KOMU 8, an NBC station affiliate, Professor Dale’s request to quit was not accepted by the University of Missouri.

Dale told KOMU via email that he’d made a mistake by not deciding to cancel the exam and calling the death threats the work of “bullies,” and Professor Brigham didn’t want to cause more harm.

“I made a mistake, and I do not want to cause further harm. I am just trying to do what i think is best for our students and the university as an institution. If my leaders think that my leaving would help, I am all for it.”

On Twitter, reactions to Brigham are wide and varied. Professor Dale was still employed at the University of Missouri on Wednesday, as a spokesperson for the University of Missouri told the press.

Certain Twitter users wrote that if Brigham’s race had been threatened en masse the way that Hunter specifically threatened to shoot African Americans on the campuses of the University of Missouri, perhaps Dale wouldn’t have been so quick to state that he wasn’t canceling the exam.

Previously, Tim Wolfe — the former president of the University of Missouri System — quit his $459,000 per year post in response to criticism that Wolfe wasn’t sensitive to several racist incidents on campus. One of those incidents involved students reporting seeing a swastika scrawled in excrement on a dorm room wall.

Brigham became a part of the fray when his response to students regarding the non-cancelled exam went viral on social media.

As a result of the University of Missouri reportedly not accepting Brigham’s resignation, it remains to be seen when Professor Dale will schedule his next exam.

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