Tearful Geraldo Rivera: Daughter Simone In Paris Stade De France During Attack [Video]

American attorney, reporter, and talk show host Geraldo Rivera appeared on Fox News this evening, in the wake of the Paris terror attacks, and explained, while holding back tears, that his 21-year-old daughter, Simone, had safely left the Stade de France. French President François Hollande was also at the stadium when explosions could be heard.

Terror attacks were mounted throughout the French capital this evening, with at least 153 reported dead, according to the Inquisitr.

The soccer match at Stade de France, which was between France and Germany, was interrupted by loud blasts at about 9:20 p.m., reports the CBC. The French president has reportedly declared a state of emergency and closed the country’s borders to travel.

Geraldo Rivera was in tears when he spoke with Fox anchor Shepard Smith. Rivera stated that his daughter Simone was studying in her junior year in France and was attending the game with her best friend. Simone was aware that President Hollande was attending the game as well, and her father noted that she, like everyone else in the Stade de France, clearly heard three loud explosions.

Spectators were able to hear the sirens of emergency vehicles outside the stadium as well as helicopters circling overhead.

Geraldo then described his daughter starting to leave and the other fans starting to become justifiably upset because of the explosions. Though Geraldo stated that his daughter was not witness to any injuries, she saw many medical and armed law enforcement personnel as she and her friends left the soccer game.

“They sealed it. There’s a perimeter. The girls managed to get outside the perimeter. I told them not to take the subway,” Geraldo stated on Fox News. “She said she was looking for a taxi. They were about four miles from home.”

Geraldo stated that, to make matters worse, Simone’s phone stopped working for some reason.

“It’s a mess,” Geraldo said. He then expressed how thankful he was that Simone was at the Stade de France instead of the Bataclan concert hall, where more than 110 people were thought to be slain at an Eagles of Death Metal show, according to the Inquisitr. Geraldo stated that the presence of French President Hollande resulted in heightened security during the soccer match.

Rivera explained that he felt that this was an “obviously coordinated terror attack.” He spoke about what a violent episode the Paris terrorist attack has been and how many innocent people have been “killed and injured.”

Geraldo spoke about how agonizing it was in the time after the attacks were first reported until he had been able to communicate with his daughter and confirm that she, as well as all of her friends, was safe. Geraldo stated a desire to keep his daughter at home and to dissuade her from attempting any travel until the situation with the Paris terror attacks is under control.

“This is a major attack on a U.S. ally,” Geraldo stated, “God knows what’s next. It’s terrible.”

Geraldo then produced a photo of his daughter and himself while he choked back tears. He described his daughter as a straight-A student, “gorgeous,” and a “wonderful person.”

Rivera talked about how, as a reporter himself, he has dealt with many similar situations in the past, and how close to home it hits him when a member of his own family finds themselves in the path of potential danger.

Shepard Smith then noted that the capacity of the Stade de France is close to 80,000 and that it was “mostly full.” The Fox News anchor then reflected upon the number of other families who underwent similar anxiety in France and around the world this evening.

[Feature Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald]