Melissa Gorga Responds To Teresa Giudice And 'RHONJ' Stories: 'Back Off B***hes'

Melissa Gorga has responded to the recent articles that claim that producers of The Real Housewives of New Jersey have threatened to cut her from the show due to a lack of a compelling storyline and that her sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice, is still feuding with her and her husband, Joe Gorga.

On Thursday, Melissa issued a denial to the recent articles that Radar Online posted about her. Melissa maintained that there is not one ounce of truth to any of the articles and told the website to back off.

When someone tweeted that Radar must not know the cost of running a clothing boutique to suggest that Melissa's doing it just so that she can have an interesting storyline for Season 7, Melissa agreed that it's "insane" for the website to suggest such a thing. Melissa listed several of the big expenses that she's incurring to start her new clothing boutique, which includes rent, renovation, merchandise, staff, and website expenses.
Melissa also agreed and replied with a smile to someone who wrote that there are a lot of "BS" stories out there that are completely false.
Hours prior to Melissa Gorga's tweet, Radar Online reported that Bravo told Melissa that she may be dropped from the show if she doesn't come up with a compelling storyline for the next season. It quoted a source as saying that Melissa didn't have much going on in terms of a storyline since her music career didn't take off and she doesn't have any marital issues with Joe Gorga. The source added that Melissa decided to start a clothing boutique in order to have something to offer viewers.

The article also claimed that Kim DePaola, the owner of Posche boutique who was shown in previous seasons as a friend of the housewives, has been talking with producers about coming back to the show. The source speculated that producers will set up a storyline of Melissa competing with Kim.

Melissa, who has a jewelry line that's sold through HSN, is starting a clothing boutique in Montclair, New Jersey, called ENVY by Melissa Gorga. On Sunday, Melissa shared a photo of her boutique's entrance. She said that the opening date will be announced soon.

If Kim DePaola does make an appearance on the next season, perhaps she'll be accompanied by Jacqueline Laurita? The two women are still friendly. In late August, Jacqueline attended a party that Kim threw to celebrate her boutique's new location. Jacqueline made some guest appearances on the sixth season.
Perhaps Kim will also film with Teresa Giudice? In earlier seasons, Kim was shown as one of Teresa's good friends. In October 2014, after Teresa was sentenced to 15 months in prison for fraud, Kim told The Derek Z Show that what happened to Teresa should serve as a warning to other women. Kim made clear that Teresa, who will be released right before Christmas, shouldn't have trusted her husband, Joe Giudice, so much.

"I say this to women all the time because [the things] I see, the things that I hear, the stories that I hear from women — you cannot just sign tax returns! And read your papers, and if your husband doesn't like it, or your significant other doesn't like, it's tough! Because this is a case where something like this happens, and look what happens! You have got to know what you're signing — you can't blindly trust a man!"

Speaking of Teresa, Radar Online also reported on Monday that Teresa refuses to let Melissa visit her in prison. The website quoted a source as saying that Melissa has been telling people that she has asked to see Teresa, but Teresa refuses to let her come. The source also added that Teresa still hates Melissa and her brother Joe.

"Teresa hates the Gorgas still. She doesn't even want to see the Gorgas when she gets out afterwards. The only reason Teresa will see them is because she needs to film with them and they all need the money."

Melissa and Joe Gorga appeared on the October three-part special The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In. While viewers saw Joe visit Teresa in prison, Melissa stayed home. Melissa told Joe to tell Teresa that she would like to visit her. In a confessional interview, Joe suspected that Teresa was the reason why Melissa hasn't been approved for a prison visit yet. Joe Giudice also confessed that Teresa doesn't really care to see Melissa.

As the Inquisitr reported, after the finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In aired, Melissa Gorga tweeted that she understands why Teresa Giudice didn't put her on the visitors list and didn't really expect it to happen anyways.

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