Melissa Gorga Says She Understands Teresa Giudice Not Putting Her On Visiting List

Melissa Gorga has not visited her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice in prison and it seems as if she won’t be. Yet that is something that Melissa has no problem with. On Sunday night, as the finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In aired, Melissa shared via social media her feelings on not being put on Teresa’s visiting list.

Melissa tweeted that she completely understands not being on the visitors list. She added that she really didn’t expect to be on it in the first place.


Part 3 of the special showed Melissa talking about how she has not yet been approved to visit Teresa. A flashback of Teresa and Melissa’s tumultuous relationship through the years was shown. For seasons 3 through 5, they were often at odds with one another. Yet, after filming the fifth season, Melissa and Teresa seemingly made up and agreed to move forward with an amicable relationship. On the sixth season, they pretty much had no drama with one another.

While they stopped fighting with one another publicly, it seems that they’re still not very close, at least not close enough for Teresa to want to spend some of her short visiting hours with Melissa. On the special, Teresa’s lawyer, James Leonard Jr., explains that each inmate submits a list of the people who they want to have contact with. Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, suspected that his sister does not want to see Melissa.

“My sister does the approvals, doesn’t she? I’m almost positive.”

Teresa’s husband, Joe Giudice, outright said that she doesn’t really care about seeing Melissa.

“My wife doesn’t really care about seeing Melissa.”

Melissa expressed sadness that she can’t see Teresa. She commented that she and Teresa have to get along since they’re family.

“I hope Teresa is just prioritizing what’s important and what’s not,” she mused. “There’s probably a lot of time to think. I pray that she can put the past behind and start a new page. We’re in this family together. I’ve been here almost 11 years now. I’m not going anywhere. We need to agree to be a family.”

Melissa also said that she understands Teresa not wanting to see her.

“Whatever the situation may be, I completely understand if Teresa really only wants to see her immediate family. It’s a very vulnerable situation, and I get it.”

During the Giudice and Gorga’s little getaway at Joe Giudice’s late father’s house, they received a call from Teresa Giudice. Joe Gorga asked Teresa if he can visit her the coming Saturday. She immediately said yes. When Melissa Gorga yelled hi to Teresa, Teresa responded, “Oh Melissa’s there too? Is Antonio, Gino and Joey up there too?” Teresa then started talking about the female inmates pleasuring themselves with sex toys.

While Melissa hasn’t visited Teresa in prison, her husband, Teresa’s brother Joe Gorga, has. Part 3 of the special showed Joe driving to the prison with his mom, Joe Giudice and his nieces. On the day of the visit, Melissa told her husband to tell Teresa that she will do “anything she needs” for her daughters and to say again that she would like to visit her.

In an interview, Melissa, who is now embarking on a clothing boutique venture, said that while she’s “kind of sad” that she can’t see Teresa and wants Teresa to open up to her more, she’s just going to focus on the good things.

“It’s kind of sad that I’m not able to see [Teresa]. I want her to open up to me more, but things are so great with the family right now – I’m just going to focus on that.”


While viewers did not see Joe Gorga’s actual visit with Teresa, since cameras are not allowed in the Danbury Correctional Facility, they did see the aftermath. Joe confessed that seeing his sister in prison broke him.

“We were brought up as a family that never cried. I never saw my dad cry. I never saw my mother cry. Growing up, nothing broke me. But this broke me. I’m helpless. I couldn’t help her. I sat there for the first hour…crying. She grabbed my hand and she said, ‘It’s okay. I’m okay.’ No brother wants to see her sister locked up, four kids, you know?”

Melissa Gorga posted her reaction to watching her husband cry over his sister.


Even Andy Cohen’s emotional over Teresa. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Andy recently admitted that he got emotional watching all three parts of the special.

While the special has ended, Teresa’s fans will apparently be hearing more news on her soon. As part 3 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In aired, James Leonard Jr. tweeted that there will be good news regarding Teresa this week.


The lawyer has also revealed that Teresa Giudice will release a tell-all memoir in 2016. Teresa is expected to be released on December 23.


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