Awesome Twosome: Twin Grooms Marry Twin Brides In A Wedding Officiated By Twin Priests

If you think you have heard about all kinds of weddings in the internet age, think again. In a wedding that took place in the coastal Indian state of Kerala, twin grooms married twin brides with twin priests overseeing the entire affair!

As if that was not enough, twin flower girls and twin page boys were also present to grace the occasion along with a few twin guests, making it an awesomely twosome event.

And did we mention the fact that each pair of twins were identical?

According to NDTV, Dilraj and Dinker Varikkassery, hailing from Pulur in Thrissur district of the southern Indian state of Kerala, have always been close as siblings. Since a young age, they have been accomplishing many things together, so it was no surprise when they voiced their wish to marry a pair of twins to their family five years ago.

“Even in matriculation exam, we scored similar marks,” Dinker revealed, according to the Daily Mail. “After graduating from college, we even landed job in the same company (HCL).”

Though the twin young men were inundated with offers from far and wide, something never seemed to click, especially considering the fact that their family wanted the girls to be from similar social backgrounds. The problem was further compounded by the fact that there are on average just one set of twins for every 100 babies born in India. It just seemed impossible, Dinker said.

“Many proposals came following our ads in newspapers and matrimonial sites. The twins were not identical enough. Also, we had to find twins who came from similar family backgrounds.”

But where there is a will, there is always a way. One day, the siblings found out about Reena and Reema, also identical twins, belonging to Idukki district from the same state of Kerala. Once they came to know about their potential brides through an online matrimonial site, the twins knew their search was over.

“When we met Reena and Reema, we knew it was them we were looking for all this while. Fortunately, they also had the similar feeling after meeting us.”

Remarkably, very much like the twin young men, the girls also studied in the same school, went to the same college to train as nurses, and also landed jobs at the same firm in Dubai. And their search for grooms was no cakewalk, either.

“We had to keep searching the suitable boys for three years in a row. When we saw Dilraj and Dinker we nodded yes to each other. It was a wonderful experience.”

Everything seemed to fall in place, except there were not many twin priests around. Though the brothers had already met the perfect candidates at a wedding ceremony, twin priests Rezi and Rozy Manaparambil had a full calendar.

The twin couples decided to wait for them to get free.

“We had to wait for months for the priests to come solemnize our wedding,” Dilraj said. “But it was worth it.”

Twin wedding in Kerala has the world excited
[Image via Facebook]

The twin grooms finally married twin brides in a ceremony held at St. Xavier’s Church in Pulur on November 8. The priests traveled 400 miles from Chennai to officiate the wedding. Fortunately, twin flower girls Ansa and Asna and page boys Henry and Hendri didn’t need to travel quite so far, since they belonged to the neighborhood.

Since the twin wedding was first covered by a local daily, the event has garnered international media attention, and now the two set of couples feel like mini-celebrities. They posted a short video of their walk up the aisle on Facebook, which has since gone on to be viewed more than half a million times.

Now that’s what we call a truly lovely affair!

[Photo via Dilraj Varikkassery / Facebook]

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