‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer Suicidal After Losing Custody? She Speaks Out

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer can’t seem to escape the rumors about her life. The mother of three was recently rumored to be suicidal after losing custody of twin daughters Ali and Aleeah to ex-husband Corey Simms and his wife, Miranda Patterson, who recently welcomed their first child together, daughter Remi Monroe Simms.

According to reports, the rumors started when Radar Online ran an article claiming that Leah Messer’s friends were very worried about her mental health and actually thought that the Teen Mom 2 star could be suicidal following all the drama in her life and losing custody of her twin girls.

“Leah seems deeply depressed, and everyone is very concerned. She can’t imagine life without her girls. [Leah’s mother] Dawn is asking friends for advice on how to help her.”

The insider also revealed that it’s “obvious” Leah Messer has had serious drug problems in the past and that she won’t be honest about her substance abuse problems, which is one of the reasons Corey Simms himself has said he wanted custody of his twin daughters.

“It’s obvious that she has struggled with pills, but she refuses to talk about it. If she won’t be honest, how is she ever going to truly get better?”

After the rumors that she was suicidal surfaced online, Leah Messer took to her Twitter account to set the record straight.

“Articles that are sent to me are unbelievable! I am far from being suicidal because my girls need me happy and healthy! #craziness.”

Back in June, Leah Messer entered a 30-day rehab program for undisclosed issues and returned with a renewed passion for being a good mother and taking care of herself as well as her children. However, something must have changed because, just a few months later, a judge gave primary custody to the Teen Mom star’s ex-husband Corey Simms and his wife, Miranda. Leah spoke out about losing custody of the girls, whom she now sees only on the weekends, saying it was very hard for her to deal with.

“I have done so much to become a better person, it was like a slap in the face at first. It hurt me. It made me angry.”

Messer still has custody of her youngest daughter, 2-year-old Addie, who also spends time with ex-husband number two, Jeremy Calvert. However, rumors are also running wild that Jeremy may also seek more custody of his daughter after an alleged incident where Addie wandered out of the house when Leah wasn’t paying attention. A police officer reportedly found the toddler and brought her home.

Leah Messer’s mental health has been questioned by fans and critics many times in the past, as she was under a lot of stress from raising three energetic girls on her own. The Teen Mom star also claims that she possibly suffers from narcolepsy, a rare sleep disorder. Messer says she’s being tested for the disorder which could explain some of her behavior such as taking the twins to school late or missing daughter Ali’s physical therapy appointments.

It should be interesting to see Leah Messer’s journey on the latest season of Teen Mom 2, which is likely filming now since the girls are currently going through so much, especially Leah. Messer’s drama could be the main story line of the new season, and fans are hoping that Leah can get her life back in order so that she can be the kind of mom all three of her daughters need and deserve.

What are your thoughts on Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer’s suicidal rumors after losing custody of her twins?

[Image via MTV]