Guns N’ Roses Reunion In The Works, Band Approaches 30th Anniversary

Rumors of Guns N’ Roses reuniting are making rounds on social media, and friends and members of the band are giving hints on the possible get-together.

According to Dish Nation, an insider claims Slash and Axl Rose have agreed to perform again as a group in 2016. Reports say Guns N’ Roses are set to perform in North America and Europe before pushing through their world tour. The group will soon be celebrating its 30th anniversary, so fans are excited to see them perform once again.

A cryptic tweet from the band’s official Twitter account, “What ever happened to no news is good news?” further fueled the rumors.

Slash, who split from the band in 1996, is also open to the idea of a reunion. Earlier this year, he told CBS News that there was “no animosity” between him and the other members of the band. Keyboardist Dizzy Reed had also told Loudwire that a get-together could happen soon.

“With Guns N’ Roses, timelines don’t really apply,” Reed told Loudwire. “And that’s fine, things will come out when they’re ready and we’ll go on tour when we’re ready…”

Slash and Rose, who are now reported to be on good terms, have yet to confirm the reports.

In an interview with Alternative Nation, Scott Weiland, former Stone Temple Pilots frontman, hinted a possible Guns N’ Roses reunion after he was asked about a previous dispute with Rose back in 2006.

“I remember a little bit about it,” Weiland told Alternative Nation. “There was a little going back and forth between the two of us at the time, but I think that Guns N’ Roses are getting back together.”

The two founding members of the band – Slash and Rose – have seemed to put their previous feud behind now. In his interview with Sweden’s Aftonbladet, the guitarist confirmed that he is now on friendly terms with his former bandmate.

“It was probably way overdue, you know,” Slash said, declining to talk about the impending band reunion. “But it’s, you know, it’s very cool at this point. You know, let some of that, sort of, negative… dispel some of that negative stuff that was going on for so long.”

Who else knows about the Guns N’ Roses get-together? It looks like even friends of the group knew that something big is being set up for the coming year.

A friend of Susan Holmes-McKagan, Guns N’Roses bassist Duff McKagan’s wife, has accidentally revealed reunion plans for the group. Brandi Glanville of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reportedly yelled out “Guns N’ Roses is coming back, motherf—–s!” while Susan responded with a “Wooo!”

RHOC Star Brandi Glanville Reveals Guns N’ Roses Reunion

However, it is not clear if McKagan really knew about it or if she was just being a Guns N’ Roses fan dying to see her favorite band come together once again.

Drummer Steven Adler and current bassist Tommy Stinson are also looking forward to reuniting with the whole gang onstage and perform together like before.

Since there is still no confirmation from the members themselves, fans can only base their assumptions from the words of those around them and the band’s tweets.

The insider also told Dish Nation that details of the brewing Guns N’ Roses reunion will be announced anytime soon.

Fans of ’90s rock will definitely be watching out for developments of this news. Guns N’ Roses was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in 2012, proving that they are one of the greatest acts in the music industry. Slash, Duff McKagan, Steven Adler, Matt Sorum, and Gilby Clarke attended the ceremony, but Rose begged of the affair.

[Image by Paul Natkin, Getty Images]