‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6, Episode 6 Spoilers: ‘Always Accountable’ Is Heavy On Daryl Dixon

Season 6 is rolling on for The Walking Dead, and there are still so many things that have fans hanging in the wind. Is Glenn really dead? What is going to happen to Daryl Dixon and his trio? What will happen when Negan arrives? All of those questions will be answered in time, but this week’s episode, titled “Always Accountable” appears to have a huge focus on everyone’s favorite survivor with a crossbow.

Please let it be known that there are possible SPOILERS ahead for the current season and comic book of The Walking Dead. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

The Spoiling Dead Fans went through a full walkthrough for Sunday night’s episode, and it’s time to look at the key points that will be taking place. A lot of this week is going to focus on Daryl, Abe, and Sasha so just know that attention is on them.

The trio is leading the herd away but are all attacked by a group of unknowns. Daryl ends up fleeing into a burned down part of the forest while Sasha and Abe open fire on their attackers. Daryl comes up on two women hiding behind a tree, and he gets knocked out from behind by a guy named Dwight.

When Daryl wakes up, he has his wrists bound and tells Dwight that he’s not who he thinks he is. All of them begin walking and they say they burned down the forest to clear it of Walkers. Daryl is able to get away when one of the women faints.

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Luckily, he also grabbed their bag which had his crossbow in it. Unfortunately, it also has the captor’s insulin in it, and by this point, Daryl is pretty far away.

Abe and Sasha end up getting away from their attackers and begin walking toward an office building for shelter. In a very foreshadowing moment, Abe attempts to kill a Walker, but Sasha says not to do it as they don’t need to leave a trail.

At this point, Daryl actually returns to where his three captors were and takes their gun, but gives them back the bag. All of a sudden, a van shows up with a group of men, but only their feet can be seen. They say that the group is going to return what they took, but Dwight says, “We are not going back, Wayne!”

Daryl is able to lead the three away from the men who end up leaving as Dwight is given back his gun.

In an interesting note though, Abe and Sasha don’t end up meeting their doom as some thought they might.

“Abe goes on a run and finds a walker hanging from a bridge with a rocket launcher on its back. He tries to retrieve it without killing the walker and being the macho killer Sasha thinks he already is. He leaves the walker after failing to gather it and finds some cigars. He has a smoke and watches the walker as it falls to the ground, leaving the launcher behind for him to take. Karma for the win!”

Daryl heads over to his bike with the two captors, and they all seem to be becoming fast friends. Unfortunately, they’re down by one though as the girl needing the insulin was on the ground and bitten by a Walker, but that’s not the only bad news.

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The other two captors turn on Daryl and attack him again. This time, they not only take his crossbow but also his bike and drive off. As Daryl collects himself, he finds a van and somehow finds Sasha and Abe.

As the trio begins to drive off, a voice comes over the radio and simply says, “Help.”

According to Spoiler TV, there will be some of this week’s episode of The Walking Dead devoted to the other survivors, the Alexandrians, and even a new group of survivors. The focus is just really on the trio leading the Walkers away, but more specifically, Daryl Dixon.

It’s going to be a very exciting episode of The Walking Dead on Sunday, and it appears as if the show-heads are trying to get the attention away from “Where exactly is Glenn?” Turning it onto Daryl Dixon isn’t a bad idea, but there’s a lot of trouble heading his way.

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