Jack McBrayer, Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, Visit The Wiener Circle [Video]

wiener circle

It’s impossible to get a chardog at the Wiener Circle in Chicago without screaming and cussing at the cashiers and cooks. It’s part of the gimmick. It’s part of the atmosphere. Needless to say, it isn’t an appropriate place for 30 Rocks in-house polite country boy Jack McBrayer.

But at the request of Conan O’Brien, who has been filming all week in Chicago, McBrayer ventured into the restaurant on North Clark Street to get a hot dog.

Conan said:

“There are many famous landmarks here in Chicago but none more famous than the Wiener Circle. Let’s face it. People go there for the Chicago Hot Dogs but also the extremely hostile staff. They yell at them, the customers yell back. It’s fun, it’s intense, it’s very, very vulgar. We thought as an experiment we would send the nicest, most polite person we know, Jack McBrayer of 30 Rock. We wanted to see how Jack would handle this incredibly abusive environment. “

Well, Jack didn’t handle it well. He ends up leaving the Wiener Circle while telling the staff that they’ve been extremely rude.

But McBrayer isn’t a quitter. He went back to the famous restaurant, but for his second attempt, he brought one of the greatest insult comics of this generation. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

Here’s the video from Conan.

How do you think Jack McBrayer did at the Wiener Circle? Let’s just be thankful he didn’t order the chocolate milkshake…