Miranda Lambert Calls Herself A ‘Loser’ Amid Gwen Stefani Pregnancy Rumors?

Has Miranda Lambert labeled herself a “loser” as pregnancy rumors continue to plague her ex-husband’s new girlfriend, Gwen Stefani? Not quite.

Late last night, November 11, Miranda Lambert was out with a few friends, and during her outing, the country star shared a photo of herself on Instagram, telling fans, “I’m a loser, baby.” However, Miranda Lambert’s caption wasn’t her true feelings about herself, but rather a lyric from a popular song by Beck, titled “Loser.” It was also the name of the Nashville bar where Miranda Lambert and her friends were spotted, as fans can see from their hats.

Also in the caption of her photo, Miranda Lambert wrote, “My sweet Scotty Wray and @ape_lewis #favoritebar #losersnashville #beaniesandbesties #bandmates #bff’s.”

For the last couple of weeks, Miranda Lambert’s name has been plastered on headlines regarding Blake Shelton’s romance with his The Voice co-star. Following the couple’s romance debut, which was prompted by Stefani’s rep’s statement, which confirmed they were, in fact, dating, as had been suspected for some time, Miranda Lambert was accused of being unfaithful to Shelton during their years-long marriage.

On November 11, a source spoke to Hollywood Life, denying recent rumors of Miranda Lambert’s cheating, claiming the false reports were nothing more than a “campaign to make Blake look better for up and leaving her.”

“[Miranda Lambert] denies ever cheating on Blake, it’s a case of he said she said but most of their friends have sided with [Miranda Lambert]. She’s just never been the cheating type, she was always so head over heels for Blake, she lived for that guy. To says cheated with five other men and no one knew about it, well it just doesn’t ring true for anyone. [Miranda Lambert] denies ever being unfaithful to Blake, she feels like it’s just a smear campaign to make Blake look better for up and leaving her.”

Prior to the source’s denial, a separate source reportedly spoke to Star Magazine, making the outrageous claims just days after news surfaced of Miranda Lambert’s husband’s on-set romance with his rocker girlfriend.

“[Miranda Lambert]’s secret double life is the reason Blake abruptly ended the marriage,” the source claimed, as Hollywood Life revealed. “It wasn’t the fairytale they portrayed.”

The magazine alleged that not only did Miranda Lambert cheat on her husband with multiple men, she reportedly slept with his best friend, Jamey Johnson, 40, in 2007.

The allegations against Miranda Lambert was included in just one of many seemingly far-fetched reports regarding the country star, her former partner, and his girlfriend, Stefani. And most of those reports claim that someone cheated. Prior to the Miranda Lambert cheating rumors, both her ex and his new leading lady were accused of cheating. Because the new couple has spent so much time on the set of The Voice, many have believed that their allegedly new relationship is actually old news, and adding to the speculation is the fact that both Miranda Lambert’s ex and Stefani parted way with their former spouses within weeks of one another.

Although Miranda Lambert continues to be a hot topic in the media, she doesn’t seem too bothered by the ongoing reports. Instead, she appears to be focusing on her friends and her music. While she’s not currently on tour, Miranda Lambert is scheduled to hit the road next year, and travel to a number of countries, including Ireland and Scotland, before heading back to the states for several more shows.

[Photo via Instagram]