Anna Duggar Divorce: Anna Gets Baby Offer From Josh [Rumor]

Anna Duggar’s husband possibly found the perfect way to keep his wife from leaving him — he’s going to appeal to her love of children. According to a recent report, Josh Duggar is allegedly enticing Anna to stay married to him by promising her another baby.

Even though there have been no signs that Anna Duggar is even considering a divorce, there are persistent rumors that she has decided to ditch her unfaithful husband. However, Hollywood Life claims that Josh Duggar doesn’t want to lose his wife, and he thinks that offering Anna the chance to birth another baby might be the best way to convince her to stay.

“Josh is so worried that Anna will leave him that he is now convinced she will stay if he can persuade her they should have another child together,” a source said.

However, Josh Duggar isn’t telling Anna that he wants to have another baby with her — he’s telling his wife that she’s “meant to” procreate with him again.

“He’s been begging her not to leave him and that they were meant to have another baby.”

Josh Duggar thinks having another baby will save his marriage (Image via Josh Duggar/Instagram)

Perhaps Josh is trying to convince Anna Duggar that it’s “God’s will” that they have another child together. According to People, Josh and Anna have said that they would like to have “as many children as God will give them.”

However, Anna’s embattled husband has admitted that it’s “tough” to provide for a lot of kids, and he already has four children to care for. Josh is also most likely jobless right now — he resigned from his position with the Family Research Council late in May. Josh decided to step down after he was forced to admit that he had sexually molested his younger sisters as a teenager. He couldn’t deny the allegations after In Touch Weekly published police reports that included statements from his victims and his parents.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the scandal also led to the cancellation of the Duggar family’s TV series, 19 Kids and Counting. So if Anna and her husband were getting any money from appearing on the show, they’ve also lost that source of income.

Anna Duggar decided to stand by her husband after his troubling past came to light, and she claimed that the child molestation revelation did not surprise her. In a statement on the Duggar Family Official Facebook page, Anna revealed that Josh had already told her about what he did to his sisters. Anna commended her husband for becoming a better person since making those “teenage mistakes,” and she called him a “gentleman” who knows how to “treat a girl right.”

However, Anna Duggar is allegedly rethinking the way she feels about Josh after he cheated on her and left her to fend for herself as a “single mom.” Late in August, Josh admitted to having an extramarital affair, and he also claimed that he was suffering from an addition to internet pornography. His solution for saving his marriage was to fly to Illinois to spend a few months in a faith-based “school of discipleship.”

“Unfortunately for Josh, getting pregnant is the last thing on Anna’s mind,” the Hollywood Life source said. “She’s been a single parent for the last few months and she knows that having another child is not going to fix their marriage. Josh hasn’t given up though. He is still trying to convince her, at least this is what he always brings up during their limited conversations.”

However, Anna Duggar isn’t taking care of four kids all by herself — Josh’s parents and siblings have used their social media pages to show that Anna is getting plenty of help from her in-laws. On November 5, the Duggars shared a Facebook photo of Josh and Anna’s kids hanging out with a few of their young aunts and their baby cousin Israel.

Anna Duggar's Kids
Josh and Anna Duggar's kids have fun with their young aunts and their baby cousin (Image via Duggar Family Official Facebook)

Anna Duggar also attended Jessa Duggar’s November 4 birthday dinner. She sat at a table with sisters-in-law Jessa, Jana, and Jinger.

Anna Duggar Enjoys Night Out
Anna Duggar attends Jessa Duggar's birthday dinner (Image via Duggar Family Official Facebook)

Anna probably wouldn’t be spending so much time with her in-laws if she’d already decided to divorce Josh — she’d be busy figuring out how she’s going to support herself and her kids without relying on her in-laws’ help.

According to the Duggar Family Blog, Anna Duggar has revealed that she loves being a wife and stay-at-home mom, so she might decide that she’d rather work on her marriage than try to enter the workforce with no college education or previous work experience.

“There’s nothing I would rather do than spend time with my little ones and get the house ready for Josh when he gets home,” Anna said during an episode of 19 Kids and Counting. “There’s nothing more fun than being a mom.”

If Anna Duggar does decide to stay with Josh, do you think that they’ll have more kids?

[Image via Josh Duggar / Instagram]