Larry Hagman: The ‘Dallas’ Star Returns To TNT In Epic Fashion

Larry Hagman, who portrayed the devilish villain in the 30 year-old hit television show “Dallas”, is back at it again as television network TNT re-cast him in his role of J.R. Ewing with hopes to revitalize the show and share its previous success.

Airing this past Wednesday on the Turner owned television station, the remake officially made a splash with viewers hoping to relive their younger days when “Dallas” aired in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s.

When asked what was going through his head when TNT approached him about slipping on those cowboy boots and that 10-gallon hat once more, Hagman couldn’t sign the contract fast enough.

“I said, ‘who’s on the show?’ and they said Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy. I said ‘done deal’ before I even saw the script. We’re buddies. It’s three musketeers kinda stuff. We like working with each other,” says Hagman.

Many viewers were curious to see how the show would compare with its 30 year-old original, hoping that it wouldn’t end in tragic disappointment that would ruin a once great tv show.

Hagman was asked if he thought that the show would still have the same appeal to viewers that it did back in the day while the show was at its prime when he shared his true thoughts regarding his hopes for Dallas 2.0.

“I sure hope so, otherwise we are wasting our time!” he joked.

“No, listen. If it gets half the people watching that we had for the original, we would probably be No. 1 nowadays. With the built-in audience we have left from a couple of generations ago, and the new kids that are really good actors, and good scripts, I think it will be successful. And if it is not, it’s fun anyway.”

When asked about his admitted hatred for wearing cowboy boots, the famous villain simply responds:

“Wear two sizes too big and don’t walk very far. And when you sit down and they are doing close-ups, take them off.”

The remake of Dallas airs Wednesday’s nights on TNT 9/8 central.

Did you catch the first episode of Dallas with Larry Hagman?