‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Script Leak — A Dismal Fate For Daenerys?

A television show, it seems, is never safe from a dreaded leak, and even major shows like Game of Thrones are no exception. In 2015 alone, several spoilers for the sword and sorcery epic drama have been posted online by curious photographers and overzealous pirates, but today, another leak was announced — and it comes from one of their own cast members. The damning evidence of this leak, however, seems to hint at the dismal fate of one of the shows most beloved characters, Daenerys Targaryen. Needless to say, this article contains potential spoilers for multiple seasons of Game of Thrones.

French actor Elie Haddad — who is rumoured to play a member of the Dothraki army in Season 6 — posted a carefree snap on his Instagram account, one which featured a relaxing cup of coffee and his iPad. On the iPad? Yes, you guessed it, an open page of his Game of Thrones script. The image has since been deleted, but it can be seen here on Twitter.

As expected, and revealed by Mashable, it didn’t take long for the loyal, ever-watching fans of Game of Thrones to pounce on the image and start deciphering the text down to the very last detail. Initially, it seems the text is too small to read, but with the Internet comes a mass of technology, and a will to possess information before anyone else, so it didn’t take long for the obsessed fans to reveal the secrets contained in that blurry page.

This isn’t the first time a leak has occurred in 2015. Back in June, the Independent revealed a leaked script that contained details of a new character, dubiously titled the “red priestess,” and some dicey details about Daenerys Targaryen — the character involved in this latest leak. The June revelation hinted at a dark chapter for The Mother of Dragons, and this latest leak seems to clarify that. In typical Game of Thrones fashion, the page that had the Internet in a frenzy is fairly explicit, so proceed with caution.

The script contains the dialogue between two Dothraki soldiers — which ties in to Haddard’s potential casting as such. The dialogue goes like this.

“I like her.”

“She’s paler than milk.”

“I bet she gets nice and pink when you pinch her.”

“I’d like to know what a Khaleesi tastes like.”

“Good. You can suck my d***.”

*Laughter all round*

The word Khaleesi is a Dothraki title referring to the wife of the Khal, and their status varies from khalasar to khalasar — they could be equal to the Khal, or worth less than a horse. It is Dothraki tradition that if a Khal dies, his Khaleesi must retire to join the women that rule Vaes Dothrak. In Game of Thrones, Daenerys marries Khal Drogo before his untimely demise during a bloody battle, and refuses to follow the tradition. Instead, she declares herself a Khaleesi in her own right and forms her own khalasar from the remainder of Drogo’s men, the ones who didn’t abandon her. As expected, this doesn’t sit well with the Dothraki.

'Game Of Thrones' Season Six - A Dismal Fate For Daenerys2
Dark times lie ahead for Daenerys Targaryn? Image courtesy of HBO.

Judging by the use of the title, and its context in the Game of Thrones script, the soldiers are discussing some unsavoury treatment for Daenerys. At the end of Season 5, she fled Meeren on the back of the injured Drogon, her favourite dragon, and was surrounded by Dothraki soldiers on their unfortunate landing. It’s fair to assume Daenerys was taken captive in the following events and, most certainly after her refusal to follow their tradition, the Dothraki now have a bone to pick with her. There is also a hint of a rescue on the leaked page. The name Missandei — Daenerys’ loyal friend — crops up in the third paragraph.

Obviously, this is open to speculation, and the script could change in the light of the leak — those poor scriptwriters. However, one thing is for certain: Game of Thrones is as popular as ever, and no leak is a bad leak in regards to popularity, media buzz, and social media exposure.

You can fully expect Game of Thrones to resume normal, rating-smashing business on its much-anticipated return in the spring.

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