Seth Rogen Grows Up, Squashes One-Sided Justin Bieber Beef On ‘Ellen’

Justin Bieber and Seth Rogen have made up. The comedian-actor-writer’s one-sided feud against the Biebs has ended. They even made a video of them hugging backstage and later in front of an audience, and it’s all down to Ellen DeGeneres.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, it’s “Bieber Week” on Ellen. The superstar is appearing on the show every day in the countdown to release of his much anticipated new album Purpose, which officially drops November 13.

So far, the singer has sat down for an interview with Degeneres, sung an acoustic rendition of his single “Sorry,” played pranks, and met up with superfans. The show’s week will end with Bieber performing an outdoor concert. And on the Wednesday-airing edition of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, viewers got to watch Seth Rogen own his two-year bullying — or as he put it — “mean” — behavior towards Bieber.

To recap: following Bieber’s arrest on suspicion of DUI in Miami on January 23, 2014, Rogen tweeted an obnoxious message stating that the younger Canadian was a piece of fecal matter. He then went on an anti-Bieber tour during in 2014 while promoting the first installment of Neighbors on numerous shows, ranting about alleged gripes that always came across as petty, overplayed, and a lot creepy.

Fast forward to this year, Bieber reached out to Rogen on Twitter, asking him to be one of his celebrity roasters at his Comedy Central Roast. At the time, Rogen’s publicist claimed the actor wouldn’t be in Los Angeles when the event was held, but most thought Rogen ducked out.

That was then. For reasons best known to himself, Rogen went on Ellen during “Bieber Week,” and more or less admitted his attacks on Bieber were an obsessive blindspot. He also made up with the singer.

After DeGeneres briefly filled the audience in, Rogen — speaking hyper-fast and laughing nervously throughout the sit-down — said of Bieber, “We had a beef…I don’t know if that’s the word the kids use?”

“It’s not really a beef,” the 33-year-old went on, explaining, “I just called him [Bieber] some really mean things on social media for no real reason and I’d only met him very briefly…I can’t tell you why I did it, I was inclined to do it in that moment and then I did it.”

Confessionally, Rogen expanded, “And, then it really hurt his feelings — as it should have — and a lot of people got very mad at me, and all this time I had only met him once very briefly, and it was honestly a very pleasant interaction.”

That last sentence is important. Because it seems to indicate Rogen knowingly told untruths about what happened when he met Bieber at an MTV awards show in 2011. Bieber, who previously said Rogen was one of his favorite comics, had asked for the introduction.

Scroll to 2014 — while promoting Neighbors, and when general Bieber-hate was its most pervasive — it appears Rogen used Bieber’s name to hook headlines and play to the populist gallery. Seth said the then 16 or 17-year-old singer was weird with him (as in high-handed) when they encountered each other.

But, it wasn’t true. At all. That’s shabby and awful behavior. No wonder Rogen seemed skittish on the show.

Seth Rogen

Back on Ellen today, Rogen continued atoning for the feud he began. “I finally saw him [Bieber] today in the hallway of your show,” he told his host. “And, I guess we made up, which is fantastic.”

To DeGeneres, Rogen accurately concluded, “And it’s all my fault. It’s all just ’cause I decided to be mean one day for no reason whatsoever.” After Ellen told him it was “wonderful” that they had patched things up, Seth joked, “In light of recent photos, I want him on my side.”

Bottom line? Who knows if Rogen hasn’t just decided to swing with the fashion once more now that the Biebs’ popularity is rising, or whether The Interview star is heeding his conscience. Either way, well done to Bieber for letting bygones be bygones.

The singer later shared an a video on social media showing him and Rogen’s re-enacting the “hallway” moment in a rom-com style. Bieber also surprised Rogen on-set, when Seth was being interviewed by DeGeneres. The Biebs walked out wearing a mask of the actor used to promote Neighbors 2.

In another part of Wednesday’s edition of Ellen, the “Purpose” singer played his usual security guard prank on a few studio audience guests. It’s pretty funny in parts.

Bieber also took part in a Go-Kart race with a young enthusiast. Watch the videos below, and — leak notwithstanding — look for Purpose on November 13. Pre-order at iTunes or Target, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and Target.

For details on the “Purpose World Tour,” which was announced today, click here.

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