Steve Harvey Applauds Lorena Bobbitt On New Life, Focus

After two decades, Steve Harvey finally gave Lorena Bobbitt a platform to talk about her famous criminal act in 1993.

The guest did, opening up to the nearly all-female audience on The Steve Harvey Show. Her remarks and new life drew high praise - and some ribbing - from the host, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

In the second clip from the interview on The Steve Harvey Show, Lorena - who is known for severing her ex-husband's penis - announced that she is happy with her current life. "I have a family," Bobbitt told Steve Harvey. "I remarried. I have a husband, I have a daughter. My husband, he's a gentleman. He treats me like he's supposed to. Everything is, you know, so far, so good."

Steve then asked how her current husband approached the infamous subject with her. When Lorena explained that he had not brought it up, Harvey exclaimed that she had found her "soul mate" before launching into a shtick about how he would have approached the situation from her current husband's position.

"Soon as I sit down at the table, 'you say your last name what?'" Steve began. "'Bobbitt.' 'Lorena Bobbitt?' Then, we'd had to go through the whole story. I'd need to know what happened, what time was it, how do you feel when men fall asleep? I'm needing to know all this here cause I'm going to be up talking to you, I don't [care] how late it is. I'm going to stay with it."

Harvey began to mimic falling asleep. "Four o'clock in the morning... I'm still, I'm just fine," Steve said, bouncing back and forth between faux sleep and wide awake. Harvey even placed his pillow around his waist as he rolled around in his chair, drawing laughs from both the audience and Lorena Bobbitt.

Steve Harvey Lorena Bobbitt
Steve Harvey laughing as he talks with Lorena Bobbitt on 'The Steve Harvey Show.' [Photo via Steve Harvey/YouTube]After the laughter died down, Bobbitt told Harvey that she channels the experiences gleaned from her failed first marriage - and the abuse she alleges John Wayne inflicted on her - to help other women in the same situation she found herself in more than 22 years ago.

"I'm glad that after 22 years, you still laughing about it," Bobbitt told Steve. "But something good has come out of my negative."

Lorena Bobbitt Steve Harvey
Lorena Bobbitt laughs during her interview on 'The Steve Harvey Show.' [Photo via Steve Harvey/YouTube]Lorena then began explaining to Harvey how her organization - Lorena's Red Wagon - worked. The 46-year-old Bobbitt described how her organization travels to different women's shelters to help give back to abuse victims, including any children the women may have accompanying them.
"When a victim leaves a house, they don't have time to pack. They just have the first opportunity to leave. And God forbid, if they have kids, so they take the kids, too... I wanted to bring hope to this children, this women of domestic abuse, and that's the things that I do."
Lorena even explained to Steve Harvey that her ex-husband John Wayne has reached out to her over the past two decades. When he calls, however, she ignores the call and deletes his number as means to focus only on the positive things in her life, Bobbitt told the day-time show host.

Although Harvey was funny in this clip, Steve had an even funnier opening portion to the interview with Lorena Bobbitt. The video - available below - made the internet explode with laughter as she recalled the famous 1993 incident, the Inquisitr reported earlier today.

Neither Lorena nor John Wayne Bobbitt faced any jail time for their involvements in the well-known dismemberment incident. Lorena was found not guilty by reason of temporary insanity, and John Wayne was acquitted of all abuse charges he faced.

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[Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images]