Caroline Stanbury Thinks Annabelle Neilson Leaving ‘Ladies Of London’ Is A Mistake, Annabelle Blasts Caroline And Julie Montagu In Final Blog

Monday night’s Ladies of London season 2 finale episode seemed to show Annabelle Neilson making amends, or at least agreeing to move forward, with Caroline Stanbury and Julie Montagu. Yet things have apparently turned for the worst since filming ended. In Annabelle’s latest blog post, posted immediately after the finale episode aired, she called out both Caroline and Julie for their behavior towards her. Annabelle’s experience filming season 2 seems to have been so bad for her that she has decided to quit the show, a decision that Caroline believes is a mistake.

In response to what she has learned from the season, Annabelle said that she has learned that people lie and aren’t as strong as her. She then made clear that she was talking about Julie.

“I learned that people are just not as strong as me, and I have to accept that people lie, which I hate. I don’t like losing friends, but that has been a decision taken out of my hands. I did write to Jules, but she has decided to ignore me, and that does not say a lot about her. But I wish her all the luck and success in the world.”

In terms of what she regrets from the season, Annabelle said she regrets looking out for and helping Julie, since she in turn didn’t reciprocate the friendship. Annabelle also said that she regrets being anywhere near Caroline. As reported by the Inquisitr, Annabelle previously said that Julie’s husband, Luke Montagu, the Viscount Hinchingbrooke and heir to the Earl of Sandwich, wouldn’t film with anyone else on the cast besides her.

“I regret that after having been asked by an old friend to look after his wife, that I then did not get the same treatment back… Jules showed her true colors and they are very grey. Caroline Stanbury…I actually regret ever even having that woman anywhere near me, and the way she treated others and her employees really says it all.”

Caroline Stanbury and Julie Montagu have also posted their final blog posts for the season. Both women didn’t mention Annabelle Neilson at all. Viewers who follow the Ladies of London stars on social media are likely not surprised that Annabelle has had a dramatic falling out with Caroline and Julie. As the Inquisitr reported, the three women were embroiled in a Twitter argument about a week ago.

After the season 2 finale episode aired, Caroline appeared on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live. During her appearance, Caroline said that she’s on good terms with everyone on the cast except for Annabelle. Caroline also said that Annabelle is on good terms with everyone except for three of them, one of whom is obviously her and the other being Julie Montagu.

Annabelle may not actually appear on season 3 of Ladies of London, if there is one. On Friday, Annabelle posted on Instagram that she’s saying goodbye to the show. She wrote that the experience has been more of a disappointment than a ride and that everyone makes mistakes.

On Tuesday, during Caroline Stanbury’s appearance on HuffPost Live, she revealed that it was she who led Annabelle to Ladies of London. Caroline said that she wanted Annabelle on the show because she would bring something different, which she has. The interviewer then brought up Annabelle’s Instagram post about leaving the show and asked Caroline to comment on it. Caroline said that it wasn’t a mistake for Annabelle to be on the show but rather it’s a mistake for Annabelle to leave. Caroline, who told Annabelle during the season that she shouldn’t withdraw and retreat into herself so much, said that Annabelle shouldn’t be running away yet again.

“I think this is a mistake but who am I to judge…things do get tough. That’s life. I mean relationships go through ups and downs but that’s…Look that’s her business I don’t want to comment on her decisions in life but I mean, I could’ve run away and said you know I’m not doing anything because, you know, I have to suffer sort of public humiliation but at the end of the day I can go crawl under fall under a rock a certain amount of time, I’m going to have to come out eventually.”

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