Julie Montagu Reveals Annabelle Neilson Threatened To Annihilate Her Amid Argument Involving Caroline Stanbury

Major drama exploded between some of the Ladies of London cast members over the past few days. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, things erupted between Annabelle Neilson and Caroline Stanbury last week after Annabelle claimed on Twitter that Caroline called her a bully. Annabelle lashed out at Caroline for using such a word, which she doesn’t know the true meaning of, and told her to “sit the F down.”

Caroline responded that she does know what it means to be a bully and brought her makeup artist, Luke Henderson, and co-star Julie Montagu, into the mix. Caroline indicated that viewers were not shown something bad about Annabelle and threatened to spill the beans.

Since then, there have been back-and-forth tweets between Annabelle and Caroline on the matter. Annabelle in particular has been very critical of Caroline, repeatedly bashing her for calling her a bully and demanding an apology.

Julie also responded, tweeting that “if only ppl could see what’s happened behind scenes too.” Julie added that she “won’t go there” because she doesn’t “play dirty.”

On Saturday, things between Julie Montagu and Annabelle Neilson got especially bad. Annabelle tweeted to Julie that she just sent her a text message. In a tweet to Annabelle, Julie expressed incredulity that Annabelle had texted that she’ll annihilate both her and her husband. Annabelle, who didn’t exactly deny sending such a text, immediately lashed out at Julie for making her private text public. Julie responded that she didn’t realize that her tweet was going to public.

Julie’s tweets on the matter have since all been deleted. She tweeted that she won’t respond to Annabelle anymore and that she thought that her tweets were private.

On last week’s episode of Ladies of London, Caroline Stanbury got irritated that she and the other women, who were about to go to Caroline Fleming’s home country of Denmark, were waiting around for Annabelle Neilson at the airport. Caroline S. commented that it’s typical of Annabelle to have them waiting and worrying.

In her latest BravoTV.com blog post, Annabelle said that Caroline obviously has no clue about how flights work.

“What do I think of Caroline? If you do travel business class you should now you can arrive 45 mins before check in and 30 if you pre board…Oops, dig yourself out.”

Annabelle expressed her disappointment that Julie Montagu didn’t defend her when Caroline made her comments and actually participated in the criticism. Annabelle called Caroline a backstabber.

“I felt really sad hearing Jules back up Caroline’s snippy remark behind my back. You obviously could stab me in the back and not in the guts…”

Later on in the episode, Annabelle revealed that she was going through something difficult and expressed disappointment that the other women weren’t reaching out to her to find out what was wrong. When the women went fur shopping and Julie sat it out because she doesn’t agree with the killing of animals, Annabelle called her “rude and childish.”

At dinner, after Caroline Fleming prompted everyone to say whatever they wanted to say to or about one another in the hopes of avoiding bigger drama down the road, Annabelle gave her criticisms of Caroline S. and Julie.

“Caroline, be a little bit more careful sometimes when you, when you throw your posh put downs because sometimes, you know, people do get a little bit like, you know, hurt. They might not say it to you…[To Julie] Occasionally, remind yourself that what you say might be things you should hold in.”

Not one to hold back, Caroline S. shot back.

“I have one, one thing to say about you. Sometimes you come into a place and you’re very like, you know, to yourself, you’re not with us. When you hold back you come in with a face. I prefer hearing it to the face. I like to be told things, even if I don’t like to hear it.”

In a previous episode, Annabelle told Caroline that she needed to apologize for making a comment that really hurt Julie. When Julie later gave Caroline a present as a peace offering, Annabelle expressed frustration that Julie was sucking up to Caroline against her advice and despite what Caroline did to her.

Will Annabelle Nelson, Caroline Stanbury, and Julie Montagu address their recent Twitter feud on their next Ladies of London blog posts, revealing to viewers what they didn’t see on-screen? Episode 9 of season 2, which will show the continuation of the Denmark trip, airs on Monday, November 2 at 8 p.m.

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