Annabelle Neilson Says Caroline Stanbury Called Her A Bully, Tells Her To ‘Sit The F Down’

It seems as if there’s a feud brewing between Annabelle Neilson and Caroline Stanbury. As the latest episode of Ladies of London aired on Monday night, Annabelle took to Twitter to defend her behavior on the episode and to lash out at Caroline.

Annabelle tweeted that Caroline called her a bully. Not only that, Caroline supposedly called one of the other cast members Annabelle’s “b***h.”

“I just want to clarify with you all that the person who called me a bully was @C_Stanbury in support of a person she said was my b***h truth.”

Annabelle then blasted Caroline for going so far as calling her a bully. Annabelle obviously doesn’t believe that she is a bully.

Annabelle also defended her act of telling the other women exactly what she thinks of them. She tweeted that she’s not a coward.

The latest episode showed Caroline Fleming taking the women to Denmark to show them around her home country.

Prior to dinner at a fancy restaurant, Caroline S.’s makeup artist, Luke, told both Carolines that Annabelle was going to be “in a funny mood” that night. Viewers were then shown a scene that took place 45 minutes prior, in which Annabelle warned the other women to stay away from her for the night.

At dinner, Caroline F. wanted everyone to get whatever was bothering them off their chest, in hopes of avoiding drama when the group visits her family’s castle later on. She tells the women to speak up if they have anything to say to or about anyone in the group. The women all say that they have nothing to say and that they like everyone else.

Annabelle Neilson, however, spoke up. She told Juliet Angus to listen more instead of going immediately to her anger. Annabelle added that Juliet should just take a breath and listen to what’s going on around her. Juliet nodded in silence.

To Caroline Stanbury, Annabelle warned her about her “posh put downs.”

“Caroline, be a little bit more careful sometimes when you, when you throw your posh put downs because sometimes, you know, people do get a little bit like, you know, hurt. They might not say it to you.”

To Julie Montagu, Annabelle told her to hold back sometimes instead of talking all the time.

The women looked shocked hearing what Annabelle had to say but stayed silent, everyone except for Caroline S. that is, who told Annabelle what she thought of her.

“I have one, one thing to say about you. Sometimes you come into a place and you’re very like, you know, to yourself, you’re not with us. When you hold back you come in with a face. I prefer hearing it to the face. I like to be told things, even if I don’t like to hear it.”

Annabelle later said in an interview that she’s aware of what Caroline S. is trying to do, implying that Caroline S. is trying to bring her down and that she’s being sneaky. She thought it was laughable that Caroline S. was calling her out on her honesty.

In her BravoTV blog post, Caroline S. pointed out that Annabelle is a bit hypocritical. Still, Caroline S. said that she would rather know how someone feels about her than not.

“Annabelle likes to tell us all what’s wrong with us and how we should behave but apparently we aren’t allowed the same luxury…I was a little surprised she took our happy dinner to such a negative space but again I rather know how someone feels than not.”

Like Annabelle Neilson, Caroline Stanbury was also on Twitter as Ladies of London aired. She retweeted a fan’s tweet that she shouldn’t stop with her posh put downs. Caroline S. added that she can’t stop it with her posh put downs because that’s her. She has yet to comment on Annabelle’s claim that she called her a bully and someone else her b***h.

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