Caroline Stanbury Threatens To Reveal All About Annabelle Neilson’s Behavior, But Julie Montagu Says She Won’t Play Dirty

The feud is growing between Caroline Stanbury and Annabelle Neilson. After Monday night’s airing of Ladies of London, during which Annabelle and Caroline revealed exactly what they think of one another, the two got into an argument on Twitter.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, as the episode aired, Annabelle posted a tweet that claimed that Caroline called her a bully. Annabelle also said that Caroline called another cast member a b***h. Annabelle lashed out at Caroline for calling her a bully and told her to “sit the F down” because “ignorance is tacky.”

Caroline had a response. She replied that she does know what being a bully means. She then brought in their co-star Julie Montagu, as well as Luke Henderson, her makeup artist who is frequently shown on the show. Caroline then said that they should all discuss what’s not shown. Apparently, something happened between Caroline and Annabelle, something that Julie and Luke were also witness to, but it wasn’t shown on the last episode.

Julie responded with a comment that seems to indicate that viewers would have completely different opinions on what they’re watching if they saw what really happens behind the scenes. While Caroline seems ready to spill all the secrets when it comes to Annabelle, Julie said that she won’t play dirty.

Annabelle responded that Julie is playing dirty. Annabelle believes that Julie should just say sorry.

What should Julie Montagu say sorry about? Did she do or say something particularly bad about Annabelle that was edited out of the episode? Annabelle Neilson indicated a little earlier that she was wronged at the airport.

When a viewer on Caroline Stanbury’s side made a joke about calling her cat a bully and Caroline responded that it was hilarious, Annabelle made clear that calling someone a bully is not something to laugh about. Annabelle said that Caroline can’t expect to keep getting away with things with her fake smile.

On Monday night’s episode, the women waited at London Heather airport for a late Annabelle so that they could get on their flight to Denmark to explore Caroline Fleming’s home country.

Caroline S. commented that it’s typical of Annabelle to keep everyone waiting and worrying until the last minute. After Annabelle’s arrival, Caroline S. and Julie talked among themselves about how weird it was to wait for Annabelle and worry whether she was going to make it or not. Did something, something that would explain why Caroline S. and Julie were so peeved, go down that viewers didn’t see?

Later on Monday night’s episode, Caroline Fleming, during a restaurant dinner, told the women to get whatever they had to say to or about one another off their chest, in a bid to avoid further drama during their upcoming visit to her family’s home. All of the ladies, with the exception of Annabelle, had nothing to say. Annabelle had lots to say. She gave Caroline S. and Julie some advice.

“Caroline, be a little bit more careful sometimes when you, when you throw your posh put downs because sometimes, you know, people do get a little bit like, you know, hurt. They might not say it to you…[To Julie] Occasionally, remind yourself that what you say might be things you should hold in.”

While the other ladies sat in silence upon hearing Annabelle’s criticisms, Caroline S. said something back.

“I have one, one thing to say about you. Sometimes you come into a place and you’re very like, you know, to yourself, you’re not with us. When you hold back you come in with a face. I prefer hearing it to the face. I like to be told things, even if I don’t like to hear it.”

In an interview afterwards, Julie said that she was shocked by Annabelle’s behavior and that the Annabelle that she knows would have never done that.

Perhaps all will be revealed on the Ladies of London Season 2 reunion show, if there is one. There wasn’t a reunion show for the first season. Several people directed the back-and-forth tweets between Annabelle Neilson, Caroline Stanbury and Julie Montagu to Andy Cohen and told him that he must have the women sit down for a reunion show to provide some answers.

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