Man Poses For Selfie With A Big Happy Smile While His Wife In The Background Gives Birth In Pain [Photo]

A dad-to-be snapped a selfie in which he appears in an irreverently jocular mood, smiling happily and animatedly while his wife in the background struggles with labor pains on hospital bed as she delivers their baby.

The man then posted to Reddit the photo showing what seemed to everyone a display of ill-timed mirth.

Gil Solano shared the image showing his wife’s agonized face mid-labor under the Reddit username gilsolano12, with the caption, “My wife wanted to make sure that someone took a picture of the expression on our faces when our daughter was born today. So I took one.”

The image went viral on Reddit, attracting a flurry of comments.

Everyone was sure that Solano would be in trouble with his wife when they get home, and she sees the photo of her husband smiling widely while she suffered the agonies of labor, struggling to give birth to their daughter.

One Reddit commenter said, “Aw. See, this is kind of like when she says ‘No! I don’t want anything for our anniversary. Just a card is fine.’ She’s going to kick your a** for this.”

“Hey honey, remember that time when you were pushing a child out of your v***** and I spent the whole day on reddit?”

“Humor is all about timing. Show her between contractions — hilarious. Show her during contractions — you’re now a patient yourself.”

But Solano assured fellow Redditors that when his wife saw the photo, she laughed.

“I actually took this pic to send to her brothers who kept asking how it was going,” he wrote. “I showed it to her in between pushes and she cracked up. Now I’m reading her all of you guys comments while she feeds our healthy 7lb 6 oz girl.”

Man Poses With Smile For Selfie As Wife Gives Birth
Man Poses For Selfie As Wife Gives Birth In Labor [Image via GilSolano12 / Reddit]
Many social media users were amazed that the brave woman was able to laugh at her husband fooling around while she struggled in pain to deliver their baby.

Fellow Redditors congratulated the proud new father.

“Congratulations man! I just had my first child this morning as well, what a surreal and amazing feeling huh?”

“Congrats! Sounds like she’s going to let you live. I wouldn’t.Guess that’s why I’m still single!”

“Congratulations man! I just had my first child this morning as well, what a surreal and amazing feeling huh?”

Solano later posted a message to his Facebook page, “Eva Nell Solano was born at 2:09 p.m. without any complications. She’s a healthy 7lb 6oz baby girl who’s as pretty as her mother. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and well wishes, I promise to post pictures tomorrow.”

The Daily Mail notes that Solano’s selfie recalls similar bizarre images posted to Instagram last year by the English singer and actor Robbie Williams. The photos showed him fooling around as his wife gave birth on hospital bed in Los Angeles.

One photo showed Robbie’s wife, Ayda Field, in red high heels, with a caption, “When Ayda goes into labor she comes correct.”

Modern technology has helped husbands to share the childbirth experience with their wives in unconventional ways. Recently, an Australian man was able to witness the birth of their son from a distance of about 2,500 miles using a virtual reality headset.

The Mirror reported earlier in March that the man, from Perth, Australia, was away from home due to circumstances of his work as an electrical engineer. But he was able to witness the birth of his son, thanks to a Samsung team that set up streaming equipment in the hospital room and linked it to a virtual reality headset the man used to witness the childbirth in a remote town in Queensland, about 4,000 km away.

[Image via GilSolano12/Reddit]

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