Shot To Death During Sex In An SUV: Shakoor Arline, 25, and Lisa Smith, 32, Killed In ‘Crime Of Passion’

The so-called “crime of passion” that snuffed out the lives of 25-year-old Shakoor Arline and 32-year-old Lisa Smith as they had sex in the backseat of an SUV is being investigated, reports The double killing of Arline and Smith took place on Friday, near the popular Lemon Hill Mansion — a mansion located in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. Shakoor and Lisa met their untimely deaths during sex in the SUV when they were interrupted by an unknown assassin.

The deaths of Arline and Smith are being called a “crime of passion,” since the killer discovered the duo having sex and shot them both to death. Both victims were discovered in a Toyota Sequoia on Friday afternoon, but Shakoor and Lisa were believed to have been shot during a period of time after midnight but prior to 5 a.m. on Friday. According to police, they are investigating Smith’s boyfriend and Arline’s girlfriend, reports, and in the process of verifying their alibis.

“Someone knew they were in the park at that time and obviously had an issue with it.”

Philadelphia Police Department Captain James Clark reports that Smith and Arline were cheating on their partners, and that whoever killed Shakoor and Lisa walked up to the SUV and opened the back door and shot nine times into the SUV. Arline and Smith were shot more than once in the head. Their dead bodies were discovered by maintenance workers some time later.

Shakoor didn’t show up for work, and that prompted Arline’s family to begin looking for the 25-year-old, since Arline didn’t report to his mechanic shop job as usual. A friend of Shakoor’s, named Eric Thomason, reported calling Arline many times, but didn’t hear from Shakoor. He only learned of Arline’s death after Shakoor’s mother called Eric and told him her son was dead. On Monday, Eric spoke of how Arline’s death hadn’t yet registered, because he continued to call Shakoor despite the news of the crime of passion deaths.

“I’m still calling him. It hasn’t hit me yet.”

On Twitter, the Shakoor Arline account called @familyfirst_23 is private, but the description describes Shakoor as a Colts fan.

“A black man just tryna get by in this place they call the world

It was Smith’s Toyota Sequoia where the couple met their deaths, and a killer snuffed out the lives of Lisa and Shakoor. Arline’s interactions with his little sister, Taylor, were recounted by their aunt, Carla, whose last name was withheld at her request, reports Shakoor had asked his 17-year-old sister if she was going to give Arline a hug after he’d dropped her off at her high school in Montgomery County. That would be the last time she’d see Shakoor this side of Earth, as Arline told Taylor he loved her and wished her good luck on her test.

Carla called her nephew Arline a bright light.

The crime of passion killer used a.40-caliber handgun to kill Arline and Smith. Arline lived nearby the crime scene and was discovered naked after the killings. Smith was partially clothed at the time of her death. Lisa lived in northeast Philadelphia.

According to Metro U.S., the area of the crime of passion deaths location is well known as a “lovers lane” area.

As reported by the Herald Sun, even though Shakoor didn’t often speak of Lisa to others, Arline did mention eloping with Smith.

[Image via Facebook / Shakoor Airline]