Caroline Stanbury Reveals What She’s Been Up To Since Closing Gift Library

Caroline Stanbury is currently in New York to wrap up this latest season of Ladies of London. It has been an emotional season for Stanbury, as she was forced to close her business, Gift Library, because she ran out of funding. In addition, it has been a stressful time for her, as she’s had to figure out what she wants to do with her business and her life. Of course, Caroline has money and options, but it still felt like a big failure for her.

Even though Caroline Stanbury filmed Ladies of London throughout the spring, it is still painful for her to relive this business fiasco. She’s had time to close the business, move on, and try new things. Stanbury hasn’t dished on whether she still has her second business, The Wedding Shop, which was briefly featured on the very first episode this season.

According to a new Bravo report, Caroline Stanbury is now revealing what she has been up to since closing her business, Gift Library. As it turns out, Caroline wasn’t rushing into a new business, and she’s had plenty of time to think about what she wants to do now.

“I have spent a lot of time with my family, which has been lovely, and building,” she explains, which is a personal website about her role on the show, her life, and her fashion choices.

“I learned that each of us have to deal with a lot day to day, and it’s how we manage it and continue on. Watching the girls cope in their own ways, I am proud of what everyone has gotten through and accomplished,” Caroline Stanbury explains of everything that she has learned, adding that she has no regrets about this season.

Stanbury did share her journey of running out of funding and closing her business on the show, but there was another major issue this season. Caroline started her feud with Annabelle Neilson during their trip to Denmark. During a dinner, the ladies shared their honest opinions of one another, and Annabelle let it all out in regards to Caroline.

“It’s fair to say there is no love lost between us,” Stanbury revealed on New York Live this week, according to Reality Tea, adding, “We started off as friends, obviously; my husband and I actually suggested her for the show. If you watch the whole second series, it’s been so based upon her trying to turn people against me, and I think the person who really wanted to say something to me, is actually Annabelle. That is really interesting, because I’m watching it back, and I’m going, ‘Actually she’s telling Julie to stand up to me, and say something to me, but I think she’s got the problem with me.’ Now we’re definitely not friends.”

Reality Tea also reports that Annabelle is thinking about leaving Ladies of London behind. Apparently, this show isn’t something she wants to spend her time on, and she wasn’t happy with the outcome this season. And since Caroline may have brought her on to the show as she claims, it makes sense that Annabelle doesn’t want to be on the show anymore.

“Good buy to Ladies of London. These are the ladies I love and are my real friends!! I’m blessed and greatful to say fair well!! I wouldn’t say it’s been a ride, possibly a disappointment, but we all make mistakes. See you on the other side,” she reportedly wrote on social media.

What do you think of Caroline Stanbury’s comments about her life after Gift Library? Are you surprised that things took such a turn with her and Annabelle, and that Annabelle is now leaving the show behind?

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