Is Nicki Minaj In A Huge Social Media Sulk?

Rapper Nicki Minaj is normally one of the stars of social media. Nicki’s Twitter beefs with a variety of stars are the stuff of social media legend. Minaj has fallen out with the likes of Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Lil Kim, and former boyfriend Drake in a series of social spats, and incredibly that is just this summer. Minaj just cannot stop herself getting involved in social media beefs, and Nicki proved true to form over Halloween.

According to Music News Minaj called out an Instagram user over a tasteless choice of Halloween outfit. Nicki was less than impressed to see a guy wearing a Bill Cosby mask dragging a guy in drag who was pretending to be one of Cosby’s alleged rape victims. Minaj was quick to blast the admittedly bad taste costume, but many Instagram users posted comments suggesting that Minaj should practice what she preaches.

Our generation is so desensitized

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Unfortunately for Nicki those particular chickens came home to roost just hours later when Minaj was blasted by many people for apparently mocking a disabled person. The Mirror reports that a video emerged of Minaj dressed as a fairy, Nicki waves her magic wand at a person sat in a mobility scooter and commands them to walk.

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Minaj was widely criticized for her stunt but in typical fashion refused to accept that she had done anything wrong. Instead of apologizing, Minaj hit out at her detractors by claiming that the person in the mobility scooter wasn’t a real disabled person but a friend of hers.

Of course, Minaj totally fails to see that her stunt would be offensive to those who are disabled whether or not the scooter user was actually disabled or not, something many Twitter users were quick to point out to Minaj.

It isn’t clear whether the reaction to Minaj’s Halloween stunt is responsible for Nicki’s disappearance from social media or not but she has not posted a thing since. MTV points out that Minaj is an avid user of social media she posts selfies, glamour shots, vines and is constantly retweeting her fans comments. Nicki is someone who uses social media dozens of times a day, every day, so an absence of over a week is certainly noteworthy.

According to Urban Islandz some of Minaj’s fans are beginning to get a little concerned about Nicki’s radio silence. On her last Instagram post one fan wrote “man Nicki come back to us,” while another fan added “we miss you Nicki where are you.”

It seems that fans don’t need to worry about Nicki; apparently, Minaj is just taking some downtime and spending a little time in the studio. A source who is reportedly close to Minaj claimed that Nicki is just taking a break.

“After constantly being on the road and always working sometime you need to take some time off to work on your personal life. It has been a while since she take some time off to spend with her family and she is also doing some recording.”

Whilst many of Nicki’s fans will be reassured by those comments others will believe that she is simply sulking after the latest furore. Either way, it is doubtful that Minaj will maintain her silence for long, Nicki just isn’t made that way.

No one doubts that some time away from social media can be good for the soul, but you can be sure that we will be hearing Nicki Minaj’s opinions again very soon.

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