Google Ignores Flag Day, Bing Picks Up Slack

Google drops the ball on Flag Day

Search engine Google, normally known for its colorful and interactive homepages celebrating holidays and other dates of renown has completely dropped the ball for June 14th.

Today is Flag Day, but you wouldn’t know it from visiting the popular search engine. While Google finds just about any excuse to celebrate damn-near-everything, from the 78th birthday of the inventor of the Moog synthesizer and the anniversary of Pac-Man, they’re offering nothing but basic cable on their homepage for a holiday that has been celebrated since 1949.

For a patriotic makeover, you’d have to head over to rival Bing instead.

Bing also has a feature where users can click on small boxes to find out more about whatever day the engine is commemorating. In the case of Flag Day, curious surfers can roll-over facts about the Rockefeller Center (featured in the background) and the Flag Day event that took place in the featured photograph.

“After the United States gained independence, it took nearly one whole year to decide on the first design for our country’s flag,” says one of the Bing blurbs. “It’s changed over the years, but don’t you think we ended up with a grand one?”

Social networks are rife with confusion over Google’s ignorance of Flag Day, especially when Google honored Russia Day in some reasons, notes Fox. Reactions on Twitter explored the spectrum of human emotion. Disappointment: “Boo to google for not having a flag day banner,” Tweeted one user. Confusion: “Why doesn’t Google do a special logo for Flag Day? not important enough?” Tweeted another. Even indignation: “@google 2day is Flag Day in case you forgot. Would b nice 2 honor on search page since u seem 2 honor so many lesser events,” one Tweet read.

This of course prompts the question: Is Google making some kind of political point here? Sound off in the comments below!