Search Google Like A Magical Knowledge Genie: 20 Awesome Tips For Finding Stuff [Interactive Infographic]

Google search is simple, you enter a term, you click “I’m feeling lucky” and you read the first website that pops up. Okay so perhaps Google search is not always cut and dry but for millions of users that is how the search engine is utilized.

Thankfully the team at is ready to help everyday Google users get the most out of their Google search experience by teaching quick ways better information can be found.

For example, were you aware that by adding the “~” tilde symbol to a word Google will also search for similar words such as ~kitten which will also search for cat, kitty, etc.

Were you also aware that filetype:ppt or filetype:doc will only search for that type of document file for example “filetype:ppt kitten” will only search for Powerpoint presentations involving kittens.

Whether you need to search one specific site such as “ Obama” or you want to search specific site types “ Obama” you can do it with Google.

Perhaps the search giant needs to better educate its users about all of the different search types available, I would suggest a “search tip of the day” on for users who might actually enjoy finding better tips.

Here is the interactive infographic which explains 20 awesome tips for finding stuff on the web using

Were you surprised by any of the tips offered in the tutorial? Which one’s will you be using on a regular basis moving forward?