November 9, 2015
'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Hope's Fate Is Revealed, Bo And Aiden Face Off, And Sami Rattles The DiMeras

Fans are not going to want to miss Monday's episode of Days of Our Lives. Spoilers indicate that this is going to be an epic show as big battles play out in Salem. What can viewers expect?

The last that everybody saw, Aiden had attacked Hope and he had arranged it to look like the Necktie Killer was responsible. However, Hope initially battled back, and had injured Aiden before collapsing. Bo had learned from Caroline that the wedding had taken place, and he rushed to the mansion.

'Days of Our Lives' star Peter Reckell
[Photo by Ben Rose / Getty Images]On Monday's show, notes We Love Soaps, Bo and Aiden will have a fierce face-off. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that by the end of this fight, Aiden will be dead. This is sure to send shockwaves throughout Salem on many levels. Despite Hope's injuries, it seems she will fully recover.

Given Aiden's death and his initial steps to make it look like the Necktie Killer was responsible for the attack on Hope, it would seem everybody will now believe he was indeed the one responsible for Serena, Paige, and Will's deaths. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that viewers will see Chad be exonerated as this week plays out.

'Days of Our Lives' star Kate Mansi
[Photo by Paul Zimmerman / Getty Images]According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, there's a lot more coming up with Abigail as this new week begins, as well. DOOL viewers watched as she learned the awful truth that her fiancé is responsible for the murders in Salem, and he kidnapped her to keep his secret safe. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that on Monday's show, she will try to charm and seduce Ben into backing off.

While Abigail will do her best, Ben isn't going to be easily swayed, and she isn't going anywhere yet. Days of Our Lives spoilers note that there are more heated moments on the way for these two. However, Chad is going to be very worried about her and will do everything he can to figure out where she is.

'Days of Our Lives' star Alison Sweeney
[Photo by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images]Also ahead on Monday's show, fans will see more from Sami. She has returned to town and teased that she had big news, and Days of Our Lives spoilers share that more will be revealed in this November 9 episode. Sami will talk with John and Marlena about the information she has that supposedly can destroy the DiMeras.

Sami may think she now has the upper hand, but Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that the DiMeras aren't exactly going to sit back and wait to see what comes next. Andre and a couple of his thugs will be tracking Sami down in the park, and she could be in serious trouble on this front.

Steve has been focused on bringing Bo home, but he is back in Salem and focused on family again, at least for the moment. Days of Our Lives spoilers lay out that during Monday's episode, he will open up to Kayla about something from the past. As the week goes on, a new and potentially dangerous situation develops involving Steve.

While Hope may be safe from Aiden after Monday's show, she will have a lot to work through in the aftermath. Viewers will see her have some deep conversations with Bo this week, but Days of Our Lives spoilers also share that she will pull back from those she loves.

There's plenty more coming up with Chad, Abigail, Steve, and others in Salem this week, as well. The show is celebrating its 50th anniversary this week, and viewers can't wait to see what comes next, as there is said to be quite a bit more chaos set to play out in the episodes ahead.

[Photo by Paul Zimmerman / Getty Images]