New iPhone: Leaked iPhone 5 Photo’s Look Good Enough To Be Real

Apple lovers around the world are greatly anticipating the release of the new iPhone 5 as we near that time of year, and from the looks of these leaked photos is may be possible that we now know what it looks like. Or do we?

Originally published on a chinese tech blog, the photos immediately created a buzz. Soon after, the tech site Gizmodo picked them up and deemed the new phone “kinda beautiful”, sporting a “stylized, 16/9 design with its unibody.”

However, clearly fooling even the savviest Apple lover, those beautiful iPhone 5 renderings proved to be quite the convincing knock-off by a 36 year-old industrial designer.

“It’s been amazing and a lot of fun to see how many ‘knowledgable’ people fell for them,” designer Martin Hajek told He not only fooled Gizmodo, but got the better of over a dozen popular tech sites.

“As a (former) industrial designer I like to play around with 3D modelling and visualizing,” Hajek said.

“Apple’s unreleased products lend themselves perfectly to play with.”

Hajek admits that the opportunity that presents itself to play around with the 3D modeling that portrays the iPhone 5 and the immediate buzz that follows is an interesting thing to see unfold.

“It’s a testimony to how embedded Apple has become in our daily life,” he said.

Unfortunately for this Dutch designer, it doesn’t sound like he’ll be able to enjoy that sleek new design of his fake iPhone 5 images, or any iPhone for that matter.

“I’m actually ashamed to say that our company’s choice of cellphone is a Blackberry Bold 9780,” he told, “which I hate with a passion.”

What do you think of Hajek’s rendering of what the new iPhone should look like?